Dogmen of Ostaria

The Ostarian Empire is the largest single power in Urop with more troops than the Confederation of Finkelstein and the Elves of Armorica and yet it loses battle after battle.  Why is this when its soldiers are capable and its generals at times inspired?  The answer is that the Dogmen of Ostaria are ruled over by a mad man; the Emperor Klaffenhund.  The Ostarian Army is powerful and as long as its ruler stays off the field it has a chance of beating the Usurper Mordred.

Part of the Grand Alliance.  You can learn more about this nation and its troops with their rules for game play and uniforms and formations in the following titles:  5028 Bier and Bones, 5027 Grapeshotte and 5030 Slaughterloo.  Your miniatures will work for all Valon game systems.

NOTE: Many of these codes are equally meant and used by the Empire of Ostaria and the Dogmen of the Confederation of Finklestein too such as 56506 Dog Line, use them in all such armies, while others are realm specific such as 56504 Frei Corps Von Chum.

You have the choice of purchasing many of these 28mm scale white metal miniature codes as packs (for Flintloque Sections) or with many codes purchase as a whole unit (for Slaughterloo) or even just single or a few miniatures from the code if you want to increase or sample that code.  Savings are applied to each level of purchase; the more you buy of a code the more you save.  Price shown on this page is lowest for each code.  You can also click on the top right box to get a drop down list on this page to narrow your search here just to Infantry or Cavalry or Command, Box Sets, Specials or such.  We also offer every code pro-painted and based for play right out of the box.  Unless otherwise stated all of our miniatures are made of white metal.

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56594 Witchlands Dogman Line

From £2.00 - £80.00

56506 Dogman Line Infantry

From £2.00 - £80.00

56508 Dogman Cuirassiers

From £5.00 - £90.00

56509 Dogman Hussars

From £5.00 - £90.00

56524 Dogman Lancers

From £5.00 - £90.00

56510 Dogman Command

From £2.00 - £36.00

56516 Dogman Jagers

From £2.00 - £45.00

56518 Dogman Landwehr

From £2.00 - £80.00

56537 Dogmen Engineers

From £2.00 - £25.00

56131 Ludwig Von Barkhoven

From £2.00 - £5.00

54050 Valon Civilians Set

From £1.75 - £22.50

56512 Dogmen Artillery Crew

From £18.00 - £33.00

56504 Frei Corps Von Chum

From £2.00 - £45.00

LE020 Emperor Klaffenhund

From £6.00 - £10.00

56018 Dogmen Casualties

From £6.00 - £12.00

56100A Dog Line General

From £2.00 - £4.00

VLE13 The Gnomish Notary

From £12.00 - £25.00

BS20 Flintloque Guns

From £0.50 - £2.00

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