Ion Age Publications

Welcome to the Ion Age Publications page of the website.

Here you will find Patrol Angis our 15mm scale skirmish wargame title as a book and as a starter game pack too. A unique free miniature is included in the game pack! We have Callsign Taranis the expansion to Patrol Angis as well as The Khanate Return with book bundles too with a saving.  As well as this we also have our skirmish 28mm systems MOTH and Firefight 2.0.

We now offer the books as paid for digital downloads; just purchase and read!

Use 15mm and 28mm scale Ion Age miniatures with these rule systems.

POSTER ART: We at the Ion Age are big fans of science fiction art and we want to make you fans too! We are bringing the Ion Age closer to us all with awesome big pictures.  Poster Prints are made here in Scotland on high quality 200gsm paper with rich inks for you at a very reasonable price. They come packaged in purpose made poster tubes for mailing. We would like IonFans to benefit from the posters in relation to playing our games and therefore there is no premium art price on them. Some of our poster prints are also available for immediate paid for download as a digital file.  Just select that option on the page.  Codes PIA001 to PIA008.

You can visit the dedicated Ion Age BLOG which has years worth of announcements and images and more to read through. NOTE: Comments are turned off on the blog and none of the links work. Use a search to find codes.  Every code on the blog is on this website, use Search to find it, all of the free downloads detailed on the blog are now on this site too; all those mentioned.