Deals and Special Offers

Welcome to the Deals page of the website.  Here you will find all of our special events and promotions as well as our collected bundles.  That means all of the bundles with discounts from across the whole website which save you off the list price of their composing packs; Fantasy, Flintloque, Slaughterloo, Ganesha Games, Asgard, Sengoku, Furioso, Alternate Stars, Ion Age and more.  If you like these and want to see the range they come from just navigate to it from the left menu. 

Additionally please note these 'hard coded' discounts are ON TOP of any discount code used at checkout manually or automatically during events.  Excellent!

All of our Slaughterloo Divisional Army Packs (DAP's) are on their own PAGE and these offer 15% to 18% off regular price of contents of Flintloque 28mm miniatures.

Our new page called 'Formally Free' where all the previous free in order codes are kept.  Most have a discount as they were produced in very large amounts. Check them out!