Sulphur 32mm Post Apoc Range

Welcome to the Sulphur 32mm range at Alternative Armies!

Sulphur is a set of 32mm scale sci-fi skirmish rules with its own extensive range of miniatures including infantry, vehicles and heroes. Sulphur has a distinctly post-apocalyptic feel to it which creates battles between rusty and improvised looking war wagons, ragged looking infantry squads, menacing heroes and satisfyingly impressive heavy weapons. Armies will be led by a number of heroes, characterful individual warriors with their own profile and special attacks. Infantry are divided into a number of categories such as Light Infantry, Assault Infantry, Warriors and Heavy Weapons.  The right troops have to be used at the right time in the right way. And beneath all of this the sinister threat from Sulphur, the insidious creeping mist and shadowy nightmares that lie within it - waiting to terrorise and devour even the bravest souls. It’s the apocalypse folks - and it’s going to get nasty!

Sixth releases now online!  

SHW3 Chain Gun Team.

A new scenario expansion to download free!  Sulphur Storm.  HERE.

Two new packs of infantry in a new faction!  The Militia! Eight new poses added to Sulphur II.

Download a full free scenario for Sulphur - Running Hot. HERE