The Torture Chamber Collection

Welcome to the Torture Chamber collection.  Suitable for all fantasy wargaming collections and dungeon crawl type games and roleplayers too these re-mastered metal and resin items add depth to your experience. 

Originating with Asgard Miniatures and Tabletop Games in the 1980's many have taken inspiration from these scenics over the years.  The project is now complee with codes which were designed in the 1980's but never reached market.  These codes such as TOR18, TOR14 have never been seen before. 

Please note some of these codes contain adult themes and while first images are censored internal images of these codes are uncensored.

The Torture Chamber and Dungeon Scenics - Want to scare your characters and to bring them pain during their adventures?  Want to set up a chaotic or evil lair? Populate your dungeon crawl setting?

Pro-Painted Miniatures: Alternative Armies paints and bases many thousands of miniatures each year. Most of these are sold directly to customers or listed on our Painted Miniatures pages on the website. However we do offer a quotation to price on every range and miniature which we make. If you see something you would like to ask us to quote upon then send an email to listing your name and the codes you wish. We will tell you a price for tabletop standard and sculpted basing effect. We offer good quality for a good price. Ask away!