SHM Fantasy Range

SHM comes to Alternative Armies!

We are all about fostering wargamers talents and interests and to that end back in 2009 Gavin Syme (GBS) created the SHM idea. 'Self Help Miniatures' on our sister website 15mmcouk.  SHM miniatures are designed by aspiring sculpters who in return for giving their creations to Alternative Armies get into the hobby and gain experience. As a result a dozen designers (some of them working on their own right in the industry now) have submitted designs which made it to the SHM Range.  

Fantasy 28mm miniatures!

Have a browse for unique miniatures that otherwise would likely not exist if it was not for SHM.  Designers wishing to be named in the SHM 28mm Range include: Craig Armstrong, Bill Toal, Andy Grey and Greg Saunders.