Renaissance Furioso 17th Century

Welcome to the ALTUOS 15mm Renaissance miniatures 17th Century. Here we span the 17th century with a focus on the English Civil War. The miniatures in the range are from Alternative Armies and also formally of Table Top Miniatures with new poses added from 2018 onwards.  We have separated it from the larger 15th and 16th century part of the range.  The Ottoman Turkish miniatures are also here.

Codes are group together by type infantry, command and cavalry then artillery and lastly the Ottoman Turkish part of the range. Miniatures are sold as singles or as small sets such as artillery crews.  We also have scenics, buildings and bases.

Furioso English Civil War is now released. Tabletop Rules plus miniature range with saver starter armies and mega bundle.  See these pages and the FURIOSO tab on our blog for articles, resources and news.