Obidiahs Army of Deserters

The Private Army of Obidiah Hogswill. The plague of deserters, petty criminals and other rascals who result from any major war are a pain in the side of all armies. They must be found, caught and punished. This is hard enough if these criminals are disorganised, but if they have a strong leader they can form a force capable of challenging regular battalions in battle!  The infamous survivor and now General Obidiah Hogswill has collected one of the largest private armies of these vagabond killers that Valon has ever seen. From his strongholds in the mountains of Catalucia he picks upon the Ferach Empires troops and those of the Grand Alliance with equal hostility. With infantry, Cavalry and Artillery he is a cunning monster who must be handled very carefully!

No Allegiance to Anyone but Themselves.  You can learn more about Deserters, Brigands and Scum with their rules for game play and uniforms and formations in the following titles:  5030 Slaughterloo.  Your miniatures will work for all Valon game systems.

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Alternative Armies in conjunction with Orcs in the Webbe present the booklet for 5006 Obidiahs Army updated to 3rd edition rules for free download.  A great read which you can get HERE.

Boom Boom Bonkins – Micro Scenario:  It was love or at least that is what Captain Gutrorc told Dotti and she believed him. The Dragoon rode off and took her purse and heart with him. Now, with the help of Messa Gruga, Pog Mahone and a stolen case of howitzer shells Dotti is going to deliver a blow which he will never forget..or survive.  A micro scenario for solo play.  Can you restore honour or will the Orc Dragoons dishonour the lady further.  Download the PDF from our website server by CLICKING HERE.

Following up on the excellent work Orcs in the Webbe did last month on a booklet for Obidiahs Army with 3rd edition Flintloque rules it is our pleasure in conjunction with this fantastic Flintloque resources website to bring you these! Go HERE for a new free booklet for Obidiahs Cavalry and HERE for Obidiahs Gun.  All the characters with updated (and in some cases totally new) game rules and mechanics.  Superb!