15mm HOT Fantasy Range


Formally on 15mmcouk and now back with Alternative Armies.

One of the largest and finest ranges of 15mm fantasy miniatures in the world, the HOT (Hordes of Things) range features every miniature and monster on its own integral base fitted to the size of that exact miniature. These miniatures are not mounted in strips and therefore an be used for any purpose in this scale.

Have a browse and enjoy Dwarves, Elves, Undead, Goblins, Orcs, Humans, Dracci (Dragonmen), Lizardmen, Elementals, Dogmen and a wide variety of Monsters, Creatures and Behemoths as well as 15mm fantasy scenics too. Every code can be bought as a single pack or (if applicable) has a 'sampler' option allowing you to get one of each pose in the pack. Great for seeing if you like this range and for building 15mm Fantasy skirmish forces.


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HOT104 Anti Paladins

From £1.25 - £5.00

HOT21 Zombie Horde

From £1.25 - £5.00

HOT4A Orc Horde

From £1.25 - £5.00

HOT91 Orc Command

From £2.50 - £5.00

HOT89 Orc Boar Riders

From £1.20 - £5.00

HOT4B Mountain Orc Horde

From £0.70 - £5.00

HOT38 Orc Archer

From £0.35 - £5.00

HOT98 Skeltaur Cavalry

From £2.50 - £5.00

HOT41 Skeleton Spears

From £1.25 - £5.00

HOT40 Skeleton Archers

From £1.60 - £5.00

HOT34 Wyvern

From £6.00 - £6.50

HOT95 Ghosts

From £1.50 - £5.00

HOT2 Dwarf Warriors

From £1.25 - £5.00

HOT2A Dwarf Polearms

From £1.25 - £5.00

HOT2B Dwarf Hammers

From £0.90 - £5.00

HOT39 Dwarf Knight

From £0.35 - £5.00

HOT54 Dwarf Crossbow

From £0.35 - £5.00

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