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Welcome to the Alternative Armies new releases page.  Here you can find all of the miniatures, books and more which are the latest to the website and to our ranges.  In all the scales and genres we cover such as Flintloque and High Fantasy in 28mm plus science fiction, fantasy and historical in 15mm scale.  If you want to see more just click on the drop down menu's across the top of the website and select the section you like to get every code in it.  Remember to check out our BLOG too as well as our FACEBOOK gaming group.

Please remember to check the intended playing scale of the code you click on.  All of our products are aimed at 28mm or 15mm scale with a few for both.  The product will state if it is for 15mm scale only.


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54051 Albion Orc Sailors

From £8.00 - £18.00

FL21 Dresda Demi Lancers

From £3.00 - £16.20

FL18 Thane of Eorl

From £3.00 - £16.20

FL17 Riders of Eorl

From £3.00 - £16.20

FL20 Sorcerer Lord

From £2.00 - £18.90

59523 Abandoned Beer Wagon

From £6.00 - £16.20

FL16 Peasants

From £2.00 - £27.00

FL15 Men at Arms II

From £2.00 - £27.00

FL12 Men at Arms

From £2.00 - £27.00

5003B Festoons and Boxes

From £0.75 - £16.00

BS20 Flintloque Guns

From £0.50 - £2.00

VLE13 The Gnomish Notary

From £12.00 - £25.00

FL14 Adventurers II

From £2.00 - £27.00

FL13 Adventurers I

From £2.00 - £27.00

FL19 Guild Assassins

From £2.00 - £21.60

FL11 Wizards Party

From £1.50 - £27.00

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