15mm Ion Age Terrain and Accessories Range

Welcome to the 15mm Ion Age Terrain page. Here you will find all of the buildings, structures, shelters, spires, damaged and destroyed and so on for use in your games.

The Seorc Compono Guild makers of the HRDS (Habitation Dome Riser System) present to you the rubbacrete and golglass (read high quality grey tone resin!) buildings in their makers list; the Hab Dome and its modules. You can also find expansions to the Hab Dome here as well as other items such as battlefield terrain markers and other cool items. All Hab Dome pieces work with each other to create settlements of massive variety and this includes all of the connector codes too allowing big layouts.

This is also the Wargame Accessories page for The Ion Age.  Here you will find all of the extra materials to make your Ion Age miniatures shine and be awesome on the wargame table.  We have Troop Element Trays, Resin Bases, Dice and Conversion packs too.

You can visit the dedicated Ion Age BLOG which has years worth of announcements and images and more to read through. NOTE: Comments are turned off on the blog and none of the links work. Use a search to find codes.  Every code on the blog is on this website, use Search to find it, all of the free downloads detailed on the blog are now on this site too; all those mentioned.

Click on each product to see and learn more.