Frontear the Skirmish

While the Wars rage in Urop, many choose to leave and make a new life in a New Worlde. That Worlde is Amerka. Filled with dangers and chances to make a difference ‘Frontear The Skirmish’ lets you explore and fight your way across the times of this Greate Nation.

Prime your musket, ram the charge home, ready the trigger, the Britorcish are coming and only you and your fellow Elves, Orcs, Dogs, Dwarves and more under General Washertunne and the Colonial Army can stop them. Will you break the tyranny of Kyng Gorge?

Push back your dust coat, load your cartridges, spin the chamber and lock it tight, because you are going to need that hair trigger. The law only goes as far as you can shoot! The Civile Warre has killed near a million and now The Frontear. The Wylde West needs protecting.

Released in 2008 and out of print in 2011 but now returned with all miniatures and a digital download of the book Frontear is a fast paced Character driven Skirmish Game set in the World of Valon.  You can create ‘Sections’ of Soldiers, Settlers, Gunslyngers, Bandits, Logann and much more. More than twenty different fantasy Races. Using these ‘Sections’ of fantasy characters and easy to learn D10 based rule system, you can have unlimited adventures in The New Worlde of Amerka. From the Pilgrime Settlers, then to the Greate Rebellion and the War of Eighteen Bells, to the Civile Warre and the Wylde West. Covering both the 4th and 5th Ages of Valon in Amerka, this book contains full rules, artillery rules, more than than 60 pages of background, weapons of the 4th and 5th Ages, three initial scenarios,character creation and more.

The Frontear Range is not actively being worked upon (John Bell has added miniatures at his request) and has been returned to the website after customer requests. 

Drawn by John Bell we have the first maps of Amerka! Two different maps along with a couple of pages explaining place names and their real world equivalents. Download it from our website storage by CLICKING HERE.