Loud Ninja Games 15mm

Loud Ninja Games is a small, boutique sized gaming company dedicated to bringing a little bit of fun to the miniatures and gaming community.

Great and original 15mm science fiction miniatures and vehicles from wargamers to wargamers.  Scotland and the United States of America working as one!

The YanDrassi.  15mm Alien Empire.

The Ikwen.  15mm Alien Militia.

Alien Encounters. 15mm Strange Creatures from the Stars.

Wasteland Mutants. 15mm Dangerous Near Future. 

The Chuhuac. 15mm Space Raptors

Alternative Armies is the official manufacturer and seller of all Loud Ninja Games products.

Ikwen on the field of battle!
Ikwen 15mm scale photo with HOF, SHM, Ion Age and Bradley Miniatures