Bradley Miniatures 6mm Range

Produced in Scotland by Alternative Armies under agreement the Bradley Miniatures 6mm range of miniatures.  Created by Lawrence Bradley Hitze and featuring in kickstarters you can now get these packs on this page of the website.  See more about the range on our BLOG and here on our BLOG also.

Focused upon the creation of fantastic white metal miniatures and vehicles for 6mm science fiction wargaming with any game system from skirmish to mass battle.  Choose from infantry,walkers, bikes or vehicles from light to medium to heavy and super heavy. 

Click on each product for more information choosing from a pack or single from the pack.  If you wish to ask anything about this range please contact us on and we will be happy to help.

The follow up to the successful Star Legion is here with Bradley Miniatures second wave of releases. The range has been expanded by fleshing out the heavy armoured forces of the Star Legion, as well as introducing the new Colonial Army! All new 6mm scale vehicles ranging from the reliable M-75 personnel carrier to the behemoth Actium Super-heavy Battle Tank!
A total of thirteen new packs each containing one or four kits with the option of single purchase from larger packs too.Great for use in any 6mm scale tabletop wargame system. 

Until 9am GMT 1st March 2019 if you add 50.00GBP to cart of Bradley 6mm codes we will automatically give you a BR027 Corvo Dropship (worth 20.00GBP) included in your package for free!

If you order 80.00GBP or more we will ship your order post free anywhere in the world (the cart will show free postage) plus you will get the Corvo Dropship kit and we will add a pack of BR26 Lynx Scout Walkers (four of them worth 8.00GBP) to your package for free!

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