Slaughterloo Game System

Alternative Armies famous Napoleonique Mass Battle System. Slaughterloo is a unique wargame system that uses the same miniatures and basing convention as Flintloque making the two interchangable.  The mighty 2nd edition book contains all you need to play the game.

The battlefields of Valon are an engine of destruction, blasting masses of uniformed troops into deep crimson mists. From the Army of Albion, under the command of the Duke of Wheeling-Turn, outsmarting the Ferach Marshall's in Catalucia, to the rival Dwarf and Dog Armies warring with each other in the lands of Krautia and Ostaria. While finding victory at every turn, Mordred, Emperor of the Ferach Elves, has mired himself in the Witchlands where the never resting corpse Armies of the Star Wraith have decimated the Grande Armee du Norde; the greatest military force ever assembled. Now the Elves must war against the Grand Alliance in Catalucia, the Undead in the Witchlands and the Otharmann Empire in the sands of Aegypt as well as many smaller wars on every front.

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With a distant thump and a billow of grey the cannonball approach the thin woods and the slope behind them, its force expended in the effort of crossing more than a thousand yards in the clear morning air. It burst through the green leaves and branches, splintering a dew covered trunk and then vanishing from view into the invisible clearing beyond. The cheers of the Elf gunners mingled with the sound of thousands of Elven feet marching in perfect order in the distinctive blue tunic columns that had won the tyrant Mordred and his Ferach Imperial Armee the largest Empire that Valon had ever known. Only a few lands like Catalucia held out, and few enemies like the accursed Albion scum in their stubbornness. They never knew when they were beaten; they never knew when to kneel to the inevitable......

In this section you will find all of the specially constructed Slaughterloo Divisional Army Packs, known as DAP's. Each of these packs offers you an entire Slaughterloo Division for immediate play either painted and based or unpainted and each is supplied in its own card box.  This is the finest and best way into Slaughterloo and also for serious players of Flintloque too we heartily recommend it to you.  An entire army which can be used also for skirmishing in Flintloque.

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