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Welcome! Have a browse using the top menus above which drop down into collections.  We have thousands of miniatures to choose from! We welcome your questions and queries to sales@alternative-armies.com.  We also offer codes on this website pro-painted and based produced by hand in Scotland.  Email us for details. We have a friendly Facebook Group; symbol at the top left or click HERE.   Our postage has two zones UK and the rest of the world.  The normal rates are 5GBP for UK orders and 6GBP for all other orders.  All orders over 80.00GBP are free worldwide standard shipping automatically.

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All of the 15mm ranges formally at our 15mmcouk website are now on this website under three drop menu tabs above; Historical, Fantasy and Science Fiction. You can find details and a list of transferred section links on the BLOG.

Latest News at Alternative Armies

Furioso 16th century wargaming news and release. A new 250 point Dutch starter army is now online which comes with all needed element bases included for free HERE.  There will also be a second book for Furioso in March 2018 written by Steve Danes and first news of this is in this blog ARTICLE. 'The Italian Wars' will contain a lot of useful material including solo play, historical scenarios and wondrous inventions so if you want to field Da Vinci's tank you will be able to! Thanks!

Two more free scenarios (one is a mini-game) for USEME Modern Warfare and for 15mm Science Fiction from Vic Dobson. Go to the page to download scenarios 21 and 22 which are Puff the Magic Dragon (mega tank on its way back to the front lines) and Boojum and Snark (Alien swamp creatures attack!). Our thanks to Vic and go here the USEME page on the Alternative Armies website for this and all the other free materials for the series. Have a great day! 

Bringing the Boom! Four new releases from Alternative Armies in 28mm scale. Three versions of a black powder era grand howitzer (Alliance, Ferach, Witchlands)

and a casualty pack of Dead Riding Rams for use in Joccian and Hob Goblin forces. Fantasy or Historical use. Go HERE for artillery and HERE for Dead Rams.

Feed Me Seymour! Why are roses biting me! Happy Valentines week from Alternative Armies as we release the Klorzids which are the latest sculpts in the Grinning Skull range by Will Grundy. Great for any scale and setting these lethal plants are in six poses and can be had as singles or a value pack with a ten percent saving. Check them out HERE.

Also a free scenario to download called 'Rose and Thorn' for USEME 15mm Sci-fi which sees the Klorzids facing off against the SFA in downtown Rochester City on 14th February 2041..no kisses here!  Download it NOW.  Enjoy.


Slaughterloo is back in print! The mass battle game set in the World of Valon and the big brother to Flintloque. A beautiful new print run made here in Scotland and to celebrate we have taken 20% off the print book until 26th February 2018 (don't worry we have also reduced the cheaper digital download version too!). Our biggest book and new larger images of pages too for you to see. A labour of love on my part. Packed with awesome in its 168 pages. Click HERE for the book.

Talking About Games reviews the beginners box set for Flintloque the Skirmish in more than half an hour of video all about 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar. Booklet, Miniatures and a run through of the first scenario too. Impartial and an excellent watch. I was personally very happy with the review as they captured my intent with this starter set; that is was a way into a massive game world and range of miniatures. Watch and enjoy

Welcome to the New Week! We present Ikwen animals both farm and wild plus Ikwen weapons from Loud Ninja Games! RAP039,RAP040 and RAP041. All of our releases this week are here with three new codes sculpted by Eli Arndt. Add them to your Ikwen warriors or to populate your 15mm gaming table and scenics. I really like the Silt Piglets! Have a look at them HERE. If you are not interested in our 15mm releases then check out our new weekly deals (10% off two entire ranges one 28mm and one 15mm). Thanks!

Happy Monday Everyone! Two new 28mm characters for Flintloque now released. A Hob Goblin Miser and an Othari Aristo which will fit in excellently into many scenarios. Each of these also has a free one page article giving new rules for play in our Valon game systems. Click through to see them and learn more as well as download the articles.  If you are not interested in our release for this week then please click through for details of our new weekly deals (10% off two entire ranges one 28mm and one 15mm) and our mailing list.  Also see our BLOG.

A four page free download for Flintloque players. The working draft of game statistics, tables, special rules, weapons and more for the Othari of the Otharmann Empyre. Click though for more HERE and to download the PDF right HERE. Field Camels, Gnolls, Flying Carpets as well as armoured troops armed with twin swords or matchloque jezails. You will need a game book to bolt these new pages upon such as 5024 Escape the Dark Czar or 5025 War in Catalucia and so on.

What is that in the shadows...in the long grass? Well you are in luck since the new VNT40 Scorpion Scourge white metal pack will not sting you! A pack of ten of these creatures great for 28mm and 15mm. Excellent value and great for many settings and uses. Plus a multitude with 25% off if you buy 100! Click HERE.

Alternative Armies presents VNT38 The Big Mouth Beast on general release! This monster is great for 28mm and 15mm from Fantasy to Sci-fi, Horror and much more besides. Just look at those teeth! Go HERE. The latest model from Kieran Billings the fellow who created the Air Squad, the Crab Monster and the Sandworms too.

A new 28mm Ogre now released! 56116 Tap Room Ogre is a civilian miniature carrying a heavy barrel which is great in any fantasy system. We also have a free one page article giving new rules for play in our Valon game systems. Click HERE to see it and learn more as well as download the article. 


We have brought back our classic Stalinov pencil topper for the serious Flintloque fan. Details in the article on our BLOG.

The classic 1980's Chaotic Column is now released! It goes well with the rest of the 28mm Torture Collection or in its own Dungeon Crawl right. Re-mastered from the 1980's original it is cool for your collection in resin with four to the pack. All in the article along with detail of our new Weekly Deals at Alternative Armies which now sees two entire ranges with 10% off for seven days.

Alternative Armies launches into 2018 with a whole wave release for the 15mm Sengoku Japanese Fantasy range. Wave Five comes as a full set, packs and as singles. It has six new Oni as well as a Demon Monk plus Human Samurai and Ronin male and female plus Policemen as well as two sprues of hats and helmets. With eighteen new codes there are now 100 poses in the range sculpted by John Bell. Click through for the article on our Blog or visit the range page directly and have a browse. 


A pack of three different single sided doors in 28mm scale from Alternative Armies. These doors are great for scratch building, dungeon questing, buildings and more. Suitable for fantasy and any other pre-industrial setting including Flintloque. The rear side of each door is blank. Choose from a pack or singles or a discounted bundle. Very useful indeed. CA8 Flat Doors now released. 

It has been promised and now they are here. New 15mm Ikwen from Loud Ninja Games! Six new poses with blades and pistols sculpted by Eli Arndt. All in the article.

Brand new Ogre Cavalry for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Hunvarian Guard on Rhinos which can be used for Guard or Hussars, Hunvaria or Krautian Giant Legion. All resin unit and at a reduced price. Single, Pack or Unit. Also a free article with game statistics for the new units. All in the Article.

Now in resin, re-mastered and released a classic 1980's 15mm fantasy code. Dungeon scenics or Lord of the Dead it is your choice with the Mummified Wizard on Throne. All in the article.

The classic Deaths Head Fountain is now released! It goes well with the rest of the 28mm Torture Collection or in its own right. Re-mastered from the 1980's original it is cool for your collection.

Air Squid with Handler now released! This 28mm scale code contains two models giving you something rather unique for your collection. Designed by Kieran Billings who created the Crustacean Monster and the Sand Worms for Alternative Armies we are delighted with this strange beast. Click through to see and learn more. All in the article.

A free download a thirty four page book written by Vic Dobson called Outworld 2114AD War in the Darkness a campaign setting for USEME. In space with USEME Starship Battles and on the ground with USEME 15mm Science Fiction rules it is a complete title with added special rules and more. Following up on this summer's 16 scenario bundle there is an immense amount of free value here for wargamers. HERE for the book and HERE for the USEME Series.

New for Flintloque the dastardly Ogre Captain Schlager of the Krautian Giant Legion (KGL) a multiple part 28mm scale resin miniature now released. An officer or a deserter he is armed with a Kannonderbuss and a stone topped club. Click through to learn more and to download a free Uniformation article for using this character in the games.


Madame Boniface as a single miniature! As well as this you can now get all of the characters from 5005 Lady Wintermores Fangs set as singles (Ivan, Lamia and the rest) and there is a free download of the scenario booklet too provided by Orcs in the Webbe for 3rd edition Flintloque

I don't know about you but I loath Rats...really...I do...yuch..the squeaks and the scampering and the genetic memory of disease and plague. Luckily the FL29 Mischief of Rats white metal miniatures will not spread illness but fun. Now on the Alternative Armies website is a value pack of Rats in two poses. Excellent value and great for many settings and uses. Plus a multitude with 25% off if you buy 100!


From the seas or a creation of magic? A brand new fantasy model now released. The Crustacean Monster is great for many armies and campaigns and it stands around 45mm tall assembled from three pieces. Sculpted by Kieran Billings. HERE for details and images plus the sad story of Kandar the warrior.

A new gun crew and light cannon for the Todoroni! For use in Flintloque and Slaughterloo the Nepolise Mountain Artillery are here with their pop gun 2lb cannon. Go to our BLOG for stats in play or click the links for the new codes. The cannon comes with the gunners and you can also get the cannon on its own for use with any other army as a battalion gun.


New 28mm High Fantasy at Alternative Armies with the Iron Guard armoured Goblins in the old school style. With his first code Zac Martin adds Armoured Goblin Artillery which goes with your Armoured Goblin Warriors, Command and Dodo Riders (FL1,FL2 and OH30). Get a pack, get single miniatures or three packs with a saving as with all our fantasy codes. Welcome to our awesome little family Zac!

Alternative Armies has a new faction for Sulphur! The Militia, two new packs containing eight poses. We also have a full free scenario called Running Hot written by the authors. You can see the new faction and download the scenario by clicking through HERE. All of this is added to the larger and smaller vehicles, characters and the mighty mecha too. Good for any setting of devastation, of ruin and of radioactive survival. Superb resin miniatures.



Looking at a desert dune or grabbing at things under the silica in a scuttling juice like way will have you discovered by Sandworms! Use them in 15mm, 28mm and 6mm and we have them on Alternative Armies and on our sister site The Ion Age..why? Well these are fantasy, current day and science fiction so they work everywhere. We have a pack of five Sandworms in five different poses and we have a single Greater Sandworm too. Go HERE on and look for links for free articles for them in Flintloque and in Patrol Angis too.


The stuff of nightmares and now in resin at a new lower price EH01 The Flower of Evil. Works in most scales such as 6mm, 15mm and 28mm and in many settings such as Horror, Post Apocalyptic, Sci-fi and others. Single piece and 34mm tall. You can get one or a bundle of five into which we will put the sixth one free. Go HERE.

TOR7 The Snake Pit (2017) released!  Hisssingly good!  Go HERE.

Now released with a free Uniformation Article are the 56595 Von Mohnblume Line.  Pug Dogs with attitude! Unit, Pack, Singles. Go HERE and download the article.

Now released for Flintloque and Slaughterloo with a free article to download.  Click HERE for the Elf Vivandiere.

Now at Alternative Armies the classic 28mm white metal figure range for Fantasy Warlord.  From the dawn of the 1990's an excellent high fantasy range of characters, packs, weapons and more.  Go HERE for the new page on the website.

Now released two complete 250 point starter armies as well as a mega bundle, bases and beginners scenario all for Furioso the game of Renaissance Warfare written by Steve Danes. We are including the element bases for FREE in the starter armies and the mega bundle gives you the two armies with free bases and the rule book FREE as well. Furioso works in any scale but we focus on 15mm scale for our playing of the game. Click HERE. Lastly the starter armies can be purchased pro-painted and pro-based for immediate play; we have taken 10% off this pro-painted and based price too!

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