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Welcome! Have a browse using the top menus above which drop down into collections.  We have thousands of miniatures to choose from! We welcome your questions to sales@alternative-armies.com.  We also offer codes pro-painted and based produced by hand in Scotland.  Email us for details. We have a friendly Facebook Group; HERE.   We have two Shipping Zones the UK (flat 5GBP per order) and Rest of the World (flat 6GBP per order). If you wish for Tracked Shipping then select this during checkout for a Flat Rate of 10GBP per order.  Large orders are sent by courier at no extra cost to you and we will contact you directly if this is the case.

BRADLEY MINIATURES.  A new 6mm science fiction range from the United States manufactured in Scotland under agreement.  Second Wave Released!

BEGIN IN FLINTLOQUE.  A new page to get you started with 28mm Napoleonique Fantasy tabletop gaming.  Follow Andy Jefcoate's adventures with his Flintloque collection in articles on our BLOG.

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All of the 15mm ranges formally at our 15mmcouk website are now on this website under three drop menu tabs above; Historical, Fantasy and Science Fiction. You can find details and a list of transferred section links on the BLOG.


Latest News at Alternative Armies

The brand new Bradley 6mm science fiction releases (thirteen new packs) with a great introductory offer (spend 50GBP and get the huge Corvo Dropship worth 20GBP free in your package) ending 1st March. A total of twenty seven different vehicles and infantry to choose from. We are delighted to show off a few of these new codes painted by Alternative Armies studio as well as scale and scenic pictures too. Click through to have a look. Thanks!

The 28mm terrain range expands with three new codes at Alternative Armies. Great for use in Flintloque or any Fantasy or Horse and Musket setting our terrain is highly detailed and full of character. Barricades to go alongside our Abandoned Wagons. Crates and Boxes, Beer Barrels and a long table with heaped furniture. The smaller ones come two to the pack. You can buy three packs and save plus we have the option on screen to purchase painted and ready for instant use. Click through to check them out HERE and to see more pictures and free downloads too. Go to our BLOG for in game shots too.

Part Seventeen of Andy Jefcoate's adventures in Flintloque sees him continue his use of Crystal Elves in their armour with two handed weapons in his games against the Witchlands Undead. Click through to read the article and see more pictures. Additionally 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners box set is back in stock if you want to get into the Witchlands and fight the Undead too with ten miniatures, booklet, dice and bases.

Thirteen brand new 6mm scale vehicles! Packs and singles. Bradley Miniatures second wave! Super Heavy Tanks, Walkers, MBT's and lighter vehicles as well as the massive Corvo Dropship. All now released! Special offers until 1st March 2019, spend 50GBP on Bradley and get the Corvo (worth 20GBP) free, spend 80GBP get free worldwide shipping plus the Corvo and a pack of Walkers (worth 8GBP) included free! Click through to see great images of these new codes plus the rest of the 6mm range HERE; all twenty eight codes. Thanks for your time.  Read more on our BLOG.

USEME 15mm Science Fiction rules are now back in print! The powerhouse A6 booklet is online as a paid for download (along with the other titles in the series) but with it now being back in print it means the two starter box sets for the game are also back on the site HERE. Danger on Outpost 32 and Zigguarat of Clem IV both contain a booklet plus miniatures, bases, scenarios at a great price. Lastly we have a new USEME free thirteen scenario bundle by Vic Dobson which is online now to download for free HERE. Read our BLOG for full details!

Wild Elf Skirmishers now released for Flintloque and Slaughterloo! A new unit pack with eight different poses of Tuscani Condottierie Light Infantry armed with the mighty Ogre Rifle. Following up on the release of the Tuscani line infantry last year we have free download articles and a scenario too in the article. We also release BS29 Campaigning Packs six different 28mm back packs for Horse and Musket period; get a set or choose singles. Full details plus pictures on the BLOG. Enjoy and thanks for your custom.

A new Flintloque video from Talking About Games (TAG) channel. This time all about Zombie Line tactics and use in the game. Click through to our BLOG to watch the video and to learn more. Later this week we will be making our Flintloque and Slaughterloo release for the month with a brand new unit of elite skirmishers so keep an eye out for this. Thanks!

One hundred and twenty different packs of 15mm fantasy great for any game system are in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range at Alternative Armies. We have just finished updating mold stock and thus we are showing some new pictures of the popular Giant Hydra, Jabberwock and Ogres on our BLOG.

Now released into the mighty HOF 15mm Science Fiction range a new pack! HOF130 Uplifted Yeti Platoon. Gene modded muscle these tribal fighters are used by Security Force Alpha where Battlesuits are ill prepared such as snowscapes and also where intimidation is needed on the colony worlds. Armed with big rotary cannons these are from the mind of Fred Richards. Following up on the BearCat Battlesuit and other packs such as Support Platforms, Bikes and Personalities these will fit into many campaigns. Our 15mm sci-fi release for January 2019. Details in the BLOG article.

Time travel back seven years with us this time to re-visit two pieces of unique Flintloque inspired 28mm terrain made by Tony Harwood. Lost to us all and now restored. Read about the Gingerbread House and the Were Chicken Coup as well as links to other articles and download the 'Sharkes Gingerbread' scenario from the 2012 Salute wargame show participation game. Go to our BLOG. Enjoy!

We have two new sizes added now to our range of bases at Alternative Armies. Go HERE. These are 75mm Round and 100mm Round for your biggest monsters, vehicles, command groups and such. These join our choice of more than twenty types of base including square, rectangle, round, element in resin and metal as well as some plastic too. Great for any game system in all scales. HOTT, Furioso, Flintloque and anything else. 

Part Sixteen of Andy Jefcoate's adventures in Flintloque sees the great use of high fantasy Crystal Elves in his games. Click through HERE to read the article and see more pictures. Additionally 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners box set is back in stock if you want to get into the Witchlands and fight the Undead too with ten miniatures, booklet, dice and bases for just 20GBP HERE.

On Christmas Eve the great website Orcs in the Webbe revealed an article by myself which told of what is going to happen in 2019 at Alternative Armies. You can find the link to this article by clicking through to our blog. Possible projects such as the new game 'En Garde' (follow up to The Duel) and Hazabot (clear the space station) as well as confirmed new systems like Sengoku Rampage (big Japanese Myth) and Doom Squad (solo play special forces) and USEME. New miniatures such as Elf Pistol Duellists, 28mm Giant Spiders and RUFUS too. A great read HERE.

Welcome to the new year! Alternative Armies begins this annum with the eighth free scenario for Flintloque in the Dark Czar arc is now online for free! Snowballe Volley sees playtest rules as well as a large scale fight against animated snowmen. Links to this and to other scenarios in the arc are in the article HERE. Before Cryptmass we sold out of the beginners box set 5024 and I am delighted to now say it is back in stock! It is going to be a hell of a year!

It has been a few weeks including the festive season but Alternative Armies is delighted to be able to announce that the fantastic value box set introduction to Flintloque is available again.  It will be back in stock in a few days time! You get a twenty page booklet with setting, rules, characters and three scenarios plus dice and bases with ten 28mm resin miniatures. General Saindoux leader of the four survivors and six Savant Zombies led by Captain Preserovitch. All you need to get started. There is also the option to get it painted and based for immediate use. See it HERE.

A treat for fans of Slaughterloo and Flintloque with kind permission we present a fantastic 700 miniature strong Ferach Armee. Click through HERE on our blog to see the array of units of infantry, cavalry, gunners and as well as Elves there are Dogmen, Ogres, Bog Orcs, Todoroni and more. Forty odd pictures to enjoy!

These are ruddy awesome! Six poses in two packs and bumper saver warband options too. Our brand new 28mm Snowmen for Fantasy and Black Powder. Click HERE for these and the full 15mm festive range. Thank you!  Read in full on our BLOG.

You have been waiting and now it is time to unveil for Flintloque the brand new packs of Wraiths in the service of the Dark Czar. Choose from a unit or packs with a total of ten poses of resin 28mm miniatures. Click though to read and see more plus a free two page Uniformation article with game stats and new character profiles.

Go HERE or on the BLOG for the article and the download.

Now released at Alternative Armies new 28mm Wraiths on foot and Wraith Riders great for any high fantasy system and joining our classic VNT28 Wraiths pack for a total of twelve different robed creatures. You can get a pack or singles or three packs with a bigger saving.  Details in the BLOG article or go HERE for the packs.

Now released into the mighty HOF 15mm Science Fiction range a new pack the Bear Car Battlesuit! A kit which contains all the parts you need to make a 45mm tall stomper outfitted for war or crowd control or construction work. Supplied with missile pod, machine gun, rotary cannons, chainsaw and drill it has a lot of uses. From the mind of Fred Richards and added to Security Force Alpha alongside many other packs such as the Support Platforms and Bikes it will fit into most forces. We also have pro-painted examples from the legendary Mastergunz painter for you to see in the BLOG article or by scrolling images HERE for the pack.

Now released at Alternative Armies new 15mm Wraiths on foot and Wraith Riders great for HOTT and other 15mm game systems and they are joined by the re-mastered Wraith Lord on Fell Beast for a total of four packs of Wraiths in the range. You can get a pack or a skirmish sampler of one of each pose from the pack. Go HERE or read on our BLOG.

Alternative Armies has a great 15mm array of miniatures with the Christmas theme. Evil Snowmen, Killer Xmas Trees, Abominable Snowmen (with optional hats!), Psycho Presents, Brutal Gingerbread Men and the spirit of cold Jack Frost himself. We also have an 24AP Xmas Army for HOTT which comes with all needed bases. Go HERE

55030 Ghostly Bride – Uniformation Article
A one page free file hosted by Alternative Armies which gives you some background as well as game statistics and special rules for this miniature in Flintloque and in Slaughterloo.  A great read which also has suggestions and a scenario seed too. CLICK HERE to download it. See the miniature HERE.  Read the whole article HERE on our blog.

The brand new 28mm scale Ghostly Bride miniature see her HERE.

A round up of all our smaller news for the month at Alternative Armies on our BLOG. We have re-mastered and reduced prices on our pack of Elf Ladies and Trolkin Casualties. We have also re-molded two classic codes our 15mm Pack Mule and the Fantasy Warlord Ogre twin pack.

The legendary time of the Invasion Cycle in Ireland or as she was called Erin. Choose from the evil Fomori devils of the northern seas, the magical Sidhe faerie warriors of the deep ground, the Fir Bolg warriors of great strength, the Nemedians stag headed men of the forests or lastly the Milesians the human celtic who would come to populate all of Erin.  It is my pleasure to present to you the Erin collection of James Morris!  Enjoy the pictures HERE and the range HERE.

Alternative Armies makes its only October 2018 15mm release in the HOF science fiction range with a new pack for Security Force Alpha! Personalties great for many settings and adding to the huge SFA choice in the range already. These officers and dogs are the fourth release in conjunction with prolific wargamer Fred Richards who has a vision of space colony warfare in the near future which we are in on! Click through to see and learn more about these new white metal poses HERE and the rest of the SFA. You can get a pack or chose from the pack as singles.  Read the full article on our BLOG.

The HOF 15mm Science Fiction range has one hundred and twenty different packs with Humans, Aliens, Vehicles and much more suitable for any 15mm game system. Have a browse and see if Security Force Alpha, the Octopods, Alien Greys, Cultists, Rim Mercs, Droids or anything else tickles you fancy.


This Saturday 6th October 2018 the Dragondaze Convention will happen in Newport, Wales. Alternative Armies has donated a prize to the raffle and wishes everyone a great day. Read the BLOG article for full details as well as event address and links. Our sponsorship takes the form of 28mm scale high fantasy wizards.

September with Article 14 from Andy Jefcoate as he continues to build his Flintloque collection. This time five new characters appear in the Witchlands and are given roles in play. The Orcs 'Stab' and 'Grab' as well as 'The Quartermaster' and 'Johann the Dwarf'. Inspired by the excellent Civilians of Valon pack which has a 28mm Dogman, two Orcs, a Dwarf and a Gnome in it.

October 2018 the Bakewell DBA Tournament will happen in Derbyshire UK. Alternative Armies is sponsoring the event with packs of miniatures as prizes. Spaces remain to attend. Read the BLOG article for full details as well as event address and time. Our sponsorship takes the form of infantry, cavalry, artillery and gunners from the late 15th century taken from the Altuos 15mm range. Good fortune to all wargamers on the day!

Alternative Armies makes its last September 2018 release in the 15mm science fiction range with two new packs for Security Force Alpha! Tracker Urban Bikes great for many settings and adding to the huge SFA choice in the range already. These sleek wheeled bikes are the third release in conjunction with prolific wargamer Fred Richards who has a vision of space colony warfare in the near future which we are in on! Click through to see and learn more HERE about these new resin bikes and the rest of the SFA. Read our BLOG for more.

Now released two more codes for the Armoured Goblins in our 28mm Fantasy Range. A Chariot with Crew and a plate clad Goblin with Great Sword. Great for any game system such as Songs of Blades and Heroes they join the hundreds of miniatures we have for fantasy gaming. Click HERE to learn and see more. All details in the BLOG article.

Now released in 15mm scale for the Sengoku Japanese Fantasy range a new pack and singles of Roadside Markers and Shrines. Great for historical gaming as well as playing Sengoku Monster Hunter these models give you Hokora, Milestones, Dodojin and make for great scenics as well as diorama and basing effect too. There are over one hundred human and creature miniatures in the range. All details in the BLOG article.

If you go down to the woods today you better go well armed!  Now released by Grinning Skull Miniatures at Alternative Armies a new pack and singles great for 28mm and 15mm scales.  B.E.A.R.S  cyber augmented and genetic creations to fight for the highest teddy bear bidder.  Go HERE. 

The third and forth parts of TAG channels videos on Flintloque tactics and his Dogmen Line concern themselves with melee combat and ranged combat. Talking About Games published the videos and though we provided the miniatures the videos are totally independent from us. Enjoy! All in the article on our BLOG. Thanks!

Go ahead, Zeus. Throw down a thunderbolt, let the earth swallow me up. I defy you!  Typhon our game of Greek Myth in heroic scale. There are free files to download for the game and more.

Welcome to the end of the week and a free three page full scenario for Flintloque! Featuring the new Wild Elves of Tuscani and the legendary Captain Sharke and his Rifleorcs it is a time based ambush for two players or solo play. Click through to learn more and to download the scenario HERE. Troll Week ends midnight Sunday so you have until then to save on all our Trolls and to get a free Trolka worth 5GBP in every order. All in the BLOG article. Thanks!

Article 13 There is only one Lady Wintermore by Andy Jefcoate. Unlucky for some but not for Andy Jefcoate as he passes the dozen and adds his thirteenth installment of his Flintloque journey with this extra long article. Lady Lamia Wintermore is, for some, the top predator in the Witchlands and few survive crossing her. Now she is in the tail of General Saindoux and his survivors including Marshal Ney. On foot and mounted and with her bodyguard Madame Boniface it will be quite a fight. Click through to our BLOG.

Troll Week at Alternative Armies and fans of Flintloque and High Fantasy are in for some fun. There is an Army Booklet to read free on the Troll Nations. Click through for more information on our BLOG and new images of our Trolka. Go HERE on the website. 

Alternative Armies makes its August 2018 releases in 15mm science fiction with a new mega pack for Security Force Alpha! Three different weapon platforms with gun crew great for many settings and adding to the huge SFA choice in the range already. These big guns are the second release in conjunction with prolific wargamer Fred Richards who has a vision of space colony warfare in the near future which we are in on! Click HERE and learn more about these new resin platforms and the rest of the SFA on our BLOG too.

A new pack 15mm scale now in the HOT Fantasy Range. An Elf Hero on a mighty Wyvern which is a great centre piece for your army. This follows up on our new 15mm Elf Cavalry codes and Hero on Griffen and with this pack you can choose the pack or just the rider or just the creature to mix and match. The saddle will fit most riders in 15mm scale who fit on horses. Click here for HOT118 Elf Hero on Wyvern it is great for any system such as HOTT.  See our BLOG too.  Our two new week long whole range ten percent off offers are begun, ending Sunday midnight GMT. 

We begin this new week with the last release for the month and it is a great re-master in 15mm scale. A Celtic Goddess named HOT65 The Danu which would be great for any game system.Our two new week long whole range ten percent off offers are begun, ending Sunday midnight GMT. Full details on the BLOG.


The red planet will be nearer to us in late July than any time since 2003 and while it may not be possible for you to 'get your ass to Mars'; as the famous saying went here at Alternative Armies we have something nearly as good. SHM93 Soldat De Vide.  Read on in the article on our BLOG.

We begin this new week with the second big bundle of free USEME scenarios by Vic Dobson. Eleven new adventurers for 15mm sci-fi ground actions and fleet scale starship battles. Great stuff and you can download it HERE. We also have two new week long deals with ten percent off two ranges on the website. This week it is the Von Rotte Dwarves for Flintloque and the mighty SHM 15mm Science Fiction range. Check it out. We love to give great value and gaming at Alternative Armies and later this week we will have a Martian event and more!

All of our releases for Flintloque this month are here at Alternative Armies. The Wild Elves of Tuscani, allies of the Ferach Empire with a re-mastered original pack plus new command pack, character pack and a full unit box. Go HERE. There is also a free three page article containing game statistics for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  See our FREE DOWNLOADS page. Our thanks to Mark Taylor for his superb brush work on the miniatures in the pictures. New poses sculpted by Elton Waters.  See our BLOG for the full article.

Two new packs for Security Force Alpha! Trencher Bikes in three different poses great for many settings and adding to the huge SFA choice in the range already. The first release in conjunction with prolific wargamer Fred Richards who has a vision of space colony warfare in the near future which we are in on! Click HERE to see and learn more about these great war bikes and the rest of the SFA.  Also see our BLOG.

HOT117 Elf Hero on Griffen released! A 15mm Elf Hero on a Griffen which is a great center piece for your army. This follows up on our new 15mm Elf Cavalry codes from last month and you with this pack you can choose the pack or just the rider or just the creature to mix and match.  See the range HERE. Click through for full details on our BLOG and great for any system such as HOTT.

FL24-01 Midsummer Druidess now on general release.  A great female resin 28mm scale miniature for any system.  Go HERE for her and have a great summer!

We have a new free scenario for you fans of Flintloque. The seventh for Escape the Dark Czar and this time it is a strange solo play scenario which sees you try to avoid re-animating Zombies who randomly rise from the snows. Fun! Click HERE for our free downloads page. Get into Flintloque with the beginners box set. Superb value and includes ten miniatures.

A new pack of 15mm scale High Elf cavalry now released into the HOT Fantasy Range. As well as these new Elf Mounted Knight Command miniatures we have also re-mounted all our Elves on a new resin horse including the knights and command pack too. Click HERE for the range.

Moo! The riding cows for the Joccians in Flintloque and Slaughterloo are now in resin in their own code 56511L and with a price reduction on the famous 56511 Joccian Greys too. There is also a new limber cow which was asked for and now delivered as part of 56515 Joccian Artillery Crew. You can also get these beasts on their own too in any quantity. Go HERE .

Additionally if you want to see Mark Taylors superbly painted Joccian Army there is an article on our BLOG.  Enjoy!

A free one page article for players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo to download giving more information on the brand new Ratmen skirmishers of the Army of Albion. Click through HERE for our free downloads and HERE for the miniatures.

A new video independent review of our 28mm Abandoned Beer Wagon great for fantasy, horse and musket or any other setting where ale is to be stolen or left behind in a panic! Talking About Games published the review. We also have new week long whole collection offers (ending Sunday midnight GMT). This week our Digital Download (all our rulebooks such as Flintloque, USEME, Furioso, Sengoku etc as PDF's) and our 28mm high fantasy Crystal Elf Empire. All in the linked article on our BLOG. Thanks!

Bradley Miniatures 6mm range is now at Alternative Armies! A new agreement sees us producing all the excellent 6mm science fiction for the Star Legion and more. Infantry, Walkers, Bikes and Vehicles for any game system. Go HERE. All the packs are cast and in stock and shipping daily. Click through to our BLOG for more and thanks for your support. Welcome to the fold Lawrence!

May release for Flintloque is here! Eight brand new poses for the 56520 Joccian Light Infantry in the service of Kyng Gorge and the Army of Albion. Sculpted by Elton Waters and this set painted by Mark Taylor these are characterful miniatures in a unit of twelve or as singles. Skirmish or Mass Battle as they are now also in the Joccian Rat divisional box. Put them into your grand alliance forces. Click on through to our BLOG to see and learn more. Thanks!

Weekly Deals have returned!  Changed every Sunday at midnight GMT two entire ranges have 10% off every code, pack and miniature in them.  A 28mm Range and a 15mm range typically.  Go HERE for the Weekly Deals page for every code in the current week long offer.

Riding on an armoured horse with lance in hand Alternative Armies gives you Lord Ruza! VNT42A The same champion who rides upon the Wyvern Kildane (VNT42) on a mount for use with infantry and cavalry formations. This 28mm code gives you a rider wears elaborate plate armour with a lance plus the horse and is great in any Human or Evil or Chaotic army. It joins our other Adventurers, Wizards, Knights, Footsoldiers and more in 28mm scale. Click through HERE for more images and information. See the BLOG


All of our releases for April 2018 for Flintloque are here! Expanding 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners box for the game as well as the much bigger Undead Army of the Dark Czar in 28mm scale. A three figure colour party to give more command poses to the core six Savant Zombies in the beginners box. A full unit of twelve infantry using all these poses. A full unit of the same Savant Zombies as mounted riders on skeletal horses. You can now have Captain Preserovitch on foot as well as his full unit PLUS unit as cavalry. Click HERE for all this as well as free resources and highlights of upcoming articles on the blog HERE.

Lord Ruza is here! VNT42 Atop a mighty war wyvern this is Alternative Armies largest 28mm scale high fantasy model. The kit is composed of resin, white metal and brass parts and its not too hard to assemble. Once built it is 170mm tall and 200mm wingspan. The rider wears elaborate plate armour and carries a long lance and this code is great for a centre piece in any Human or Evil or Chaotic army. Sculpted by Sam Croes it joins our other big 28mm codes such as our Giant Troll and our Dwarven Golem. Click through for more images and information HERE.

Now released at Alternative Armies! HOF114. Collapsing in ruins, dominated by insanity and the domain of strange science and occult wizardry the Doomed Reich is a place where the dead now walk. This code contains ten mixed one piece miniatures in four different 15mm poses in white metal. Sculpted by Craig Armstrong who also created the new EH04 Gore Worm. You can purchase a pack or choose single miniatures in any quantity too.

I am staying on the rocks today..no soft dirt for me! It is my pleasure to now release EH04 Gore Worm sculpted by Craig Armstrong. Great for 15mm or 28mm use in your games breaking through the soil and snatching unwary travellers and animals. Grab it now!

The Giant Mutant Chicken is now re-mastered in new molds.  See Grinning Skull range.

Now at Alternative Armies and great for 15mm systems such as HOTT, DBA and Furioso the re-mastered into resin packs of Wooden Planted Stakes, Wooden Palisades and Townsfolks Possessions. Twelve walls to the pack each of 40mm frontage for a total of 480mm (19.2 Inches) of wall per pack. Strongholds or enclosed fields it is your choice. We also have a mega bundle with a twenty percent saving (all five packs, one of them free).  Go HERE. We also have Furioso armies and HOTT 24AP Armies.

Sengoku Monster Hunter is now released in print and as a paid digital download (twenty percent cheaper). Written by Steve Danes (creator of Furioso) this set of rules sees you create a Hunter and their allies and then to seek out creatures, demons and spirits of a fantastical mythical Japan. Play solo or with others and use the 15mm range of Sengoku miniatures by John Bell with over 100 poses. Go HERE.

Go HERE for to an independent review of the rules by The Resin Tomb blog.

Talk About Gaming channel returns with a deep review of 5026 Death in the Snow for Flintloque 3rd Edition. This fifty minute video follows up on his review of the 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners set and earlier scenarios walk through and Fantasy review too. Click through to our BLOG to watch the video and find links to others. Enjoy! Additionally you can get this book in print or as a download or a shilling pack with miniatures. The Elves fight the Undead in the snow...chilling! Plus our weekly deals are 10% off Ganesha Games 28mm Sci-fi range plus the whole USEME Range. Lastly a link to an unboxing blog article about Bier and Bones. All of our news for this week in one place!

Brought out of retirement by request of Alternative Armies customers we are delighted to announce that the Frontear range of 28mm miniatures is now on the website on it own page. A spin off book and range from Flintloque which spans the entire story of Amerka from the Greate Rebellion to the Alamorque to the Civile Warre and the Wylde West. Soldiers, Civilians and Characters. Packs and single miniature choice. The game book is out of print but we have it now as a paid digital download and at 110 pages it is packed with setting and full rules too at a great price.  Read an article on our BLOG too.

Chomp! Players of Flintloque some news for you this day. A free download of game rules for the VNT38 Big Mouth Beast in any of your scenarios in Catalucia or the Witchlands.

We also have a price reduction on the great 53501 Goblin Heavy Cavalry as they ride on a new resin big lizard and the lizard can be had on its own too. Click through on the links and HERE for the article and enjoy!

Two new sprues of Security Force Alpha troopers and support in resin now released at Alternative Armies into the HOF 15mm Sci-fi Range. Get one or five sprues for just 10GBP for 25 miniatures. These add to the more than forty five poses in the SFA plus we have a core Army Box with a massive 20% saving off list which is all in resin and gives you the bulk to enforce the peace or colonise space. Go HERE or to the BLOG through for images and details and a link to a free USEME game with the SFA from last month.

The expansion to Furioso 16th century warfare is here! Written by Steve Danes and in print and as a digital download The Italian Wars supplement contains a lot of excellence to enlarge and deepen your playing of the game. Mercenaries, Historical Battle Scenarios, Wondrous Inventions, Solo Play and Solo Campaigning plus much more. Full details in the linked ARTICLE plus we have starter armies with free element bases and the digital download is, as with all our titles, twenty percent cheaper than the print book. Want to field the machines of Da Vinci in 16th century battles? Now you can! Go HERE for the range.

Stop Hammer Time! Stone Maw the Troll is here and ain't he pretty. Now released at Alternative Armies a new monster in the old school style great for 28mm and 15mm armies. Sculpted by Darklight Miniatures it is supplied in two pieces resin and white metal and is one among many high fantasy monsters in our collection. Click through to see and learn more HERE.

We also have a new release SGFP32 Sengoku Monster Hunter Tokens which act as game currency, monster reveal tokens and bases for your miniatures.

Now released two new packs for 28mm or 15mm tabletop gaming from beyond the stars. The Space Brains are here! A big overlord brain and five lesser enforcer brains sculpted by Kieran Billings which are great for pulp, horror, post apoc or any other kind of setting where invaders are coming from Arous or anywhere else. Packs or singles with discount for three pack purchase. Click through for more HERE and this is our last release at Alternative Armies this month.

The last release for Flintloque this month is here from Alternative Armies. 55517 Spektrov Curiassier heavy cavalry with re-mastered riders in five poses and a new resin zombie horse which has a separate saddle blanket and kettle drums for the musician (pictured).

A new lower price on this central unit in the Dark Czar's army of the Witchlands due to the new horse. In the Blog Article are more pictures and information as well as a brief talk on the nature and direction of this new mount for later in 2018. If you have 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners box then you will want to check this out.

Talk About Gaming channel are back with a play through of the third scenario in the Flintloque beginners box 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar. Following up on his review of the set and earlier scenarios walk through. Click through to watch the video and find links to others. Enjoy! On top of this if you are into Flintloque and are thinking about mass battle using our Slaughterloo rules then you can get the now back in print book 5030 Slaughterloo at 5GBP off until end of 26th February.

Two more free scenarios (one is a mini-game) for USEME Modern Warfare and for 15mm Science Fiction from Vic Dobson. Go to the page to download scenarios 21 and 22 which are Puff the Magic Dragon (mega tank on its way back to the front lines) and Boojum and Snark (Alien swamp creatures attack!). Our thanks to Vic and go here the USEME page on the Alternative Armies website for this and all the other free materials for the series. Have a great day! 

Bringing the Boom! Four new releases from Alternative Armies in 28mm scale. Three versions of a black powder era grand howitzer (Alliance, Ferach, Witchlands)

and a casualty pack of Dead Riding Rams for use in Joccian and Hob Goblin forces. Fantasy or Historical use. Go HERE for artillery and HERE for Dead Rams.

Feed Me Seymour! Why are roses biting me! Happy Valentines week from Alternative Armies as we release the Klorzids which are the latest sculpts in the Grinning Skull range by Will Grundy. Great for any scale and setting these lethal plants are in six poses and can be had as singles or a value pack with a ten percent saving. Check them out HERE.

Also a free scenario to download called 'Rose and Thorn' for USEME 15mm Sci-fi which sees the Klorzids facing off against the SFA in downtown Rochester City on 14th February 2041..no kisses here!  Download it NOW.  Enjoy.


Slaughterloo is back in print! The mass battle game set in the World of Valon and the big brother to Flintloque. A beautiful new print run made here in Scotland. Our biggest book and new larger images of pages too for you to see. A labour of love on my part. Packed with awesome in its 168 pages. Click HERE for the book.

Talking About Games reviews the beginners box set for Flintloque the Skirmish in more than half an hour of video all about 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar. Booklet, Miniatures and a run through of the first scenario too. Impartial and an excellent watch. I was personally very happy with the review as they captured my intent with this starter set; that is was a way into a massive game world and range of miniatures. Watch and enjoy

Welcome to the New Week! We present Ikwen animals both farm and wild plus Ikwen weapons from Loud Ninja Games! RAP039,RAP040 and RAP041. All of our releases this week are here with three new codes sculpted by Eli Arndt. Add them to your Ikwen warriors or to populate your 15mm gaming table and scenics. I really like the Silt Piglets! Have a look at them HERE. If you are not interested in our 15mm releases then check out our new weekly deals (10% off two entire ranges one 28mm and one 15mm). Thanks!

Happy Monday Everyone! Two new 28mm characters for Flintloque now released. A Hob Goblin Miser and an Othari Aristo which will fit in excellently into many scenarios. Each of these also has a free one page article giving new rules for play in our Valon game systems. Click through to see them and learn more as well as download the articles.  If you are not interested in our release for this week then please click through for details of our new weekly deals (10% off two entire ranges one 28mm and one 15mm) and our mailing list.  Also see our BLOG.

What is that in the shadows...in the long grass? Well you are in luck since the new VNT40 Scorpion Scourge white metal pack will not sting you! A pack of ten of these creatures great for 28mm and 15mm. Excellent value and great for many settings and uses. Plus a multitude with 25% off if you buy 100! Click HERE.

Alternative Armies presents VNT38 The Big Mouth Beast on general release! This monster is great for 28mm and 15mm from Fantasy to Sci-fi, Horror and much more besides. Just look at those teeth! Go HERE. The latest model from Kieran Billings the fellow who created the Air Squad, the Crab Monster and the Sandworms too.

A new 28mm Ogre now released! 56116 Tap Room Ogre is a civilian miniature carrying a heavy barrel which is great in any fantasy system. We also have a free one page article giving new rules for play in our Valon game systems. Click HERE to see it and learn more as well as download the article.

The classic 1980's Chaotic Column is now released! It goes well with the rest of the 28mm Torture Collection or in its own Dungeon Crawl right. Re-mastered from the 1980's original it is cool for your collection in resin with four to the pack. All in the article along with detail of our new Weekly Deals at Alternative Armies which now sees two entire ranges with 10% off for seven days.

A pack of three different single sided doors in 28mm scale from Alternative Armies. These doors are great for scratch building, dungeon questing, buildings and more. Suitable for fantasy and any other pre-industrial setting including Flintloque. The rear side of each door is blank. Choose from a pack or singles or a discounted bundle. Very useful indeed. CA8 Flat Doors now released. 

It has been promised and now they are here. New 15mm Ikwen from Loud Ninja Games! Six new poses with blades and pistols sculpted by Eli Arndt. All in the article.

Brand new Ogre Cavalry for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Hunvarian Guard on Rhinos which can be used for Guard or Hussars, Hunvaria or Krautian Giant Legion. All resin unit and at a reduced price. Single, Pack or Unit. Also a free article with game statistics for the new units. All in the Article.

Now in resin, re-mastered and released a classic 1980's 15mm fantasy code. Dungeon scenics or Lord of the Dead it is your choice with the Mummified Wizard on Throne. All in the article.

The classic Deaths Head Fountain is now released! It goes well with the rest of the 28mm Torture Collection or in its own right. Re-mastered from the 1980's original it is cool for your collection.

Air Squid with Handler now released! This 28mm scale code contains two models giving you something rather unique for your collection. Designed by Kieran Billings who created the Crustacean Monster and the Sand Worms for Alternative Armies we are delighted with this strange beast. Click through to see and learn more. All in the article.

New for Flintloque the dastardly Ogre Captain Schlager of the Krautian Giant Legion (KGL) a multiple part 28mm scale resin miniature now released. An officer or a deserter he is armed with a Kannonderbuss and a stone topped club. Click through to learn more and to download a free Uniformation article for using this character in the games.


Madame Boniface as a single miniature! As well as this you can now get all of the characters from 5005 Lady Wintermores Fangs set as singles (Ivan, Lamia and the rest) and there is a free download of the scenario booklet too provided by Orcs in the Webbe for 3rd edition Flintloque

I don't know about you but I loath Rats...really...I do...yuch..the squeaks and the scampering and the genetic memory of disease and plague. Luckily the FL29 Mischief of Rats white metal miniatures will not spread illness but fun. Now on the Alternative Armies website is a value pack of Rats in two poses. Excellent value and great for many settings and uses. Plus a multitude with 25% off if you buy 100!

From the seas or a creation of magic? A brand new fantasy model now released. The Crustacean Monster is great for many armies and campaigns and it stands around 45mm tall assembled from three pieces. Sculpted by Kieran Billings. HERE for details and images plus the sad story of Kandar the warrior.

New 28mm High Fantasy at Alternative Armies with the Iron Guard armoured Goblins in the old school style. With his first code Zac Martin adds Armoured Goblin Artillery which goes with your Armoured Goblin Warriors, Command and Dodo Riders (FL1,FL2 and OH30). Get a pack, get single miniatures or three packs with a saving as with all our fantasy codes. Welcome to our awesome little family Zac!

Alternative Armies has a new faction for Sulphur! The Militia, two new packs containing eight poses. We also have a full free scenario called Running Hot written by the authors. You can see the new faction and download the scenario by clicking through HERE. All of this is added to the larger and smaller vehicles, characters and the mighty mecha too. Good for any setting of devastation, of ruin and of radioactive survival. Superb resin miniatures.


Looking at a desert dune or grabbing at things under the silica in a scuttling juice like way will have you discovered by Sandworms! Use them in 15mm, 28mm and 6mm and we have them on Alternative Armies and on our sister site The Ion Age..why? Well these are fantasy, current day and science fiction so they work everywhere. We have a pack of five Sandworms in five different poses and we have a single Greater Sandworm too. Go HERE on and look for links for free articles for them in Flintloque and in Patrol Angis too.


The stuff of nightmares and now in resin at a new lower price EH01 The Flower of Evil. Works in most scales such as 6mm, 15mm and 28mm and in many settings such as Horror, Post Apocalyptic, Sci-fi and others. Single piece and 34mm tall. You can get one or a bundle of five into which we will put the sixth one free. Go HERE.

TOR7 The Snake Pit (2017) released!  Hisssingly good!  Go HERE.

Now released with a free Uniformation Article are the 56595 Von Mohnblume Line.  Pug Dogs with attitude! Unit, Pack, Singles. Go HERE and download the article.

Now at Alternative Armies the classic 28mm white metal figure range for Fantasy Warlord.  From the dawn of the 1990's an excellent high fantasy range of characters, packs, weapons and more.  Go HERE for the new page on the website.

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