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 Welcome! Have a browse using the top menus above which drop down into sections or the collections.  We have thousands of miniatures to choose from! We welcome your questions and queries to sales@alternative-armies.com.  We offer codes on this website pro-painted and based produced by hand in Scotland.  Email us for details.  We have a friendly Facebook Group; symbol at the top left or click HERE.   Our postage has two zones UK and the rest of the world.  The normal rates are 5GBP for UK orders and 6GBP for all other orders.  All orders over 80.00GBP are free worldwide standard shipping automatically. 

NEW RELEASES.  See the latest new codes for 28mm and 15mm which we have online on this page.  Start here if you have not been browsing recently.

FREE DOWNLOADS.  We have over 100mb of free files for Flintloque, USEME and other systems from the last ten years and brand new.  Start here if you want content for free for your games.

All of the 15mm ranges formally at our 15mmcouk website are now on this website under three drop menu tabs above; Historical, Fantasy and Science Fiction. You can find details and a list of transferred section links on the BLOG.

Latest News at Alternative Armies

From the seas or a creation of magic? A brand new fantasy model now released. The Crustacean Monster is great for many armies and campaigns and it stands around 45mm tall assembled from three pieces. Sculpted by Kieran Billings following up on his Sandworms we are making an offer upon it until the end of the month. HERE for details and images plus the sad story of Kandar the warrior.

A new gun crew and light cannon for the Todoroni! For use in Flintloque and Slaughterloo the Nepolise Mountain Artillery are here with their pop gun 2lb cannon. Go to our BLOG for stats in play or click the links for the new codes. The cannon comes with the gunners and you can also get the cannon on its own for use with any other army as a battalion gun.

Grinning Skull returns with a new pack of Little Killa Clowns great for any system. Wasteland, Urban, Nightmare. Four poses as singles or a pack and each about 17mm tall making them excellent for 28mm and 15mm scales. Would you invite them to your birthday party?

New 28mm High Fantasy at Alternative Armies with the Iron Guard armoured Goblins in the old school style. With his first code Zac Martin adds Armoured Goblin Artillery which goes with your Armoured Goblin Warriors, Command and Dodo Riders (FL1,FL2 and OH30). Get a pack, get single miniatures or three packs with a saving as with all our fantasy codes. Welcome to our awesome little family Zac!

Alternative Armies has a new faction for Sulphur! The Militia, two new packs containing eight poses. We also have a full free scenario called Running Hot written by the authors. You can see the new faction and download the scenario by clicking through HERE. All of this is added to the larger and smaller vehicles, characters and the mighty mecha too. Good for any setting of devastation, of ruin and of radioactive survival. Superb resin miniatures.

Now re-molded and reduced in price the classic 15mm scale Laserburn vehicle V007 Scythe Jetcopter. An excellent gunship helicopter for use in any 15mm game system you choose. A combination of resin and white metal and 70mm in length it is now just 6.00GBP per kit.

Shotte and Blade have felled the brave soldiers of Diberia as Alternative Armies presents the last 28mm and Flintloque releases for September in two new packs of Werewolf Casualties. A pack which can be used for Ferach Line Werewolves or Licantzrop Jagers and also a fallen giant for the Visthowla Legion. Click HERE. If you wish to use Werewolves in Flintloque then game book 5026 Death in the Snow is what you want.

Now at Alternative Armies and great for 15mm systems such as HOTT, DBA and Furioso the re-mastered into resin HOT59 Stone Wall. Twelve walls to the pack each of 40mm frontage for a total of 480mm of wall per pack. Strongholds or enclosed fields it is your choice. Go to the HOT Range HERE.

The Iron Maiden and The Wall both useful for wargaming, roleplay, dungeon crawl and more now released! So if you are just hanging around or a door is closing and you would like another to open have a look at these classics. 25mm scale white metal, get sets or parts as with all TOR codes. Go HERE.


Looking at a desert dune or grabbing at things under the silica in a scuttling juice like way will have you discovered by Sandworms! Use them in 15mm, 28mm and 6mm and we have them on Alternative Armies and on our sister site The Ion Age..why? Well these are fantasy, current day and science fiction so they work everywhere. We have a pack of five Sandworms in five different poses and we have a single Greater Sandworm too. Go HERE on and look for links for free articles for them in Flintloque and in Patrol Angis too.

Two new packs for Sulphur!  32mm Post Apoc Gaming.  Go HERE for the range.


The stuff of nightmares and now in resin at a new lower price EH01 The Flower of Evil. Works in most scales such as 6mm, 15mm and 28mm and in many settings such as Horror, Post Apocalyptic, Sci-fi and others. Single piece and 34mm tall. You can get one or a bundle of five into which we will put the sixth one free. Go HERE.

Returning now to the Alternative Armies website are the re-mastered codes for the Otharmann Empyre. A new resin camel, new Gnoll and riders, barking dog artillery and a full division pack with a twenty percent saving this is all good stuff in 28mm fantasy. The first of two Flintloque and Slaughterloo releases this month. You can also purchase the Camel and the Gnoll on their own for use in any other setting. The Emperor Mordred wars against the Sultan!  See it on the BLOG or go HERE for all the miniatures.

TOR7 The Snake Pit (2017) released!  Hisssingly good!  Go HERE.

Now released with a free Uniformation Article are the 56595 Von Mohnblume Line.  Pug Dogs with attitude! Unit, Pack, Singles. Go HERE and download the article. 

New 15mm HOT Undead Artillery!  Bloody Cannons with Skellies!  Click HERE.

USEME Mini Campaign and 16 Scenario free mega bundle by Vic Dobson.  Go to our BLOG to read it all and download the bundle.  Go HERE for USEME on the website.

Now released for Flintloque and Slaughterloo with a free article to download.  Click HERE for the Elf Vivandiere.

Now at Alternative Armies the classic 28mm white metal figure range for Fantasy Warlord.  From the dawn of the 1990's an excellent high fantasy range of characters, packs, weapons and more.  Go HERE for the new page on the website.

Now released two complete 250 point starter armies as well as a mega bundle, bases and beginners scenario all for Furioso the game of Renaissance Warfare written by Steve Danes. We are including the element bases for FREE in the starter armies and the mega bundle gives you the two armies with free bases and the rule book FREE as well. Furioso works in any scale but we focus on 15mm scale for our playing of the game. Click HERE. Lastly the starter armies can be purchased pro-painted and pro-based for immediate play; we have taken 10% off this pro-painted and based price too!

Thanks everyone!  57801 Visthowla Legion big werewolves (6 variants) fighting for the Emperor Mordred are now released.  Go HERE for the Dutchy of Coltz page.  There is a skirmish pack with choice of single poses and a Slaughterloo Unit with 10% saving.  Partially posable with different heads. (Unit shown below with Mounted Dogman Officer for scale only)

Now released and added to our 28mm Terrain Range is the 59526 Elf Corpse Pile ideal for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.  Go HERE.

Useful in 15mm and 28mm for creatures, skirmish and dungeon crawl.  Re-molded the classic Tabletop 576 Crypt Scorpion on Flagstone.  Plus 10% off!  Go HERE.

The Crystal Elf Empire returns to Alternative Armies. The entire 28mm range re-mastered and re-released. Over sixty poses of High Elves by top quality sculptors back in the 1990's and all in white metal. Single Figures, Packs, Multitudes and saver options too. Go HERE to see all of them and all the pictures.

15mm Blanks or Dollies.  Pack of 11 Poses released.  Go HERE for details.


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