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Welcome! Have a browse and look at all of our ranges using the top menus above which drop down into sections or the collections below.  We have thousands of miniatures to choose from! We welcome your questions and queries to sales@alternative-armies.com.  We offer codes on this website pro-painted and based produced by hand in Scotland.  Email us for details.  We have a friendly Facebook Group. Facebook symbol at the top left or click HERE.   Our postage has two zones.  UK and the rest of the world.  The rates are 5GBP for UK orders and 6GBP for all other orders.  All orders over 80.00GBP are free worldwide shipping automatically. 

NEW RELEASES.  See the latest new codes for 28mm and 15mm which we have online on this page.  Start here if you have not been browsing recently.

All of the 15mm ranges formally at our 15mmcouk website are now on this website under the 'Our 15mm Scale Ranges' drop menu tab above.


Latest News at Alternative Armies 

Pre-Order Furioso our new Renaissance rules and save 20% plus 10% off the whole Altous 15mm range.  Go HERE for the book and range or HERE for the full article on our blog.  All orders for the book (or including the book) shipping 5th June.

54051 Albion Orc Sailors! New for Flintloque in the Greate Britorcn Range HERE.

HOF111 Scrofa AFV 15mm vehicle kit!  Now in the HOF Range HERE.

59524 Abandoned Provisions Wagon joins our Beer Wagon now in our 28mm Terrain Range HERE.

53512 Al-Garvey Goblin Legion.  Goblins who fight for Mordred plus a free Dark Czar scenario.  See them HERE.

All the codes in the FL range now including Adventurers, Men at Arms, Assassins, Knights, Cavalry, Evil Sorcerer and more.  See them HERE and HERE.

Latest Ganesha Games Release:  Halfings and Dwarves.  HERE.


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