SVP02 Star Vikings

Alternative Armies

SKU: svp02

15mm Scale Miniatures

Ten Miniatures in mix of four poses of Star Viking Humans. A pack of ten Human Soldiers taken from SV03 to SV06. Officers, Beserkers, fire support and troopers.

SV03 Beserker. Human Officer with Hand Gun, Power Sword and Powered Armour. Close Combat Specialist. 17mm tall.

SV04 Jarl. Human Officer with Hand Gun and Powered Armour. 17mm tall.

SV05 Bondi. Human Soldier with SMG and Powered Armour. 15mm tall.

SV06 Bondi. Human Soldier with Chain Gun in Powered Armour. Fire Support. 16mm tall.

Using the drop down menu you can choose also poses from this pack.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.