Free Wargame Downloads from Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies has a huge array of miniatures and game systems. So large in fact that we have decided to concentrate all of the free content for all of the games here on this page. Not that all of our previous free links on the website and on our BLOG which went to Dropbox are now defunct and that content is now here and can be downloaded from our website with a click.

We have a lot of free material for Flintloque, Slaughterloo, Furioso, DarkeStorme, Erin, Typhon, USEME and other titles.  Scroll down and explore!




Tax and the Hounding: A free four page full size scenario for solo play or several players. To download from our website CLICK HERE. The singer Fartinelli owes money to the Kyng and the tax collector has tracked him down. To get the Todoroni to Albion a forest must be crossed but unforunately a force of Von Mohnblume Dogmen block the only road that the coach and its Orc Dragoon escort must use. Will they get through?



Todoroni Characters Summer 2023:  A free article giving game rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo for new Nepolise miniatures.  CLICK HERE to download the PDF.


We have a free download for The Londinium Coach: A sixteen page booklet containing tales of Valon plus rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo as well as two Flintloque scenarios and paint schemes for your Coach. There is also a build guide for putting the vehicle together. CLICK HERE to add to your collection.  See all the vehicle choices and full box HERE


Dropping Logs in the Forest: Solo or Two Player full size scenario for Flintloque. Can the Legion de Nain Dwarves out in the woods cutting down trees to make barrels for a local bewery and its beir hold off an Ostarian Dogmen force of Grenadiers and Lancers? Scenario includes unique rules, setting, map, force compositions, solo play bolt on, expanding the adventure, designers notes as well as lots of lovely photos. DOWNLOAD HERE.


Hosted on our website free reads for you. CLICK HERE for an example of a Sword Duel in play of En Garde. Sample Pistol Duel in play of En Garde CLICK HERE for this. Lastly as desired by those who want to know more about Juliet Constantine who is a character in the game world. Here is her short story from the En Garde book. CLICK HERE to download.



UMS03 Compound Interest comes with a six page insert giving you the setting of the fenced compound of the Way of the Truth cult and the attacking Brutal Hand Clan of warriors. Three linked scenarios taking you from the fence itself to the compound and then deep underground to the focus of the cult's worship. With maps and special rules tied into the game booklet. Lastly two rosters of the characters so you can get playing straight away. Supplied in print with the starter set you can download the insert HERE


Hobby Horse Fort: Solo or two player full size free scenario for Flintloque.  Dark Elf Line and Artillery hold off a large patrol of Ferach Dragoons.  CLICK HERE.

USEME 6mm Science Fiction. An in depth play through article with Kirk and Kor (includes rosters) to lead you though these fast play small rules written by author Vic Dobson. Enjoy on our BLOG.

By Flintloque gamers request! How do the re-mastered 90's Deadloque miniatures compare to those newer in Escape from the Dark Czar? See our BLOG to find out.

5002 Deadloque into 5026 Death in the Snow: A free four page PDF which you can download from our server by CLICKING HERE. Character profiles and more bringing the Elves and Undead up to date for Flintloque rules. Lots of lovely pictures too.

LE043 Baron Petrochemicoli. An updated one page game rules and background article for Flintloque and Slaughterloo players.  Click to DOWNLOAD. 

Play Test Rules for Starvaulters: A seven page testing article containing setting and statistics tables for these new miniatures in Patrol Angis. Open testing and feedback is welcome. All of the troop types appearing in the tables will be released. Originally from late 2018 we are recommencing Ion Age releases from this month and into 2022. Download from our secure server by CLICKING HERE.

Flintloque Bolt on Rules: By Gad Reginorc he bit my behind: This one page free download gives you micro add on rules for your scenarios.  A vicious animal is on the rampage and is intent upon mischief not only to the enemy but your troops too!  Works in any theatre and is great fun.  CLICK HERE to download the PDF from our online storage.

Knight to Remember: A two page small scenario for two players or solo play in which a lance of Prydian Duxis Battlesuits are taken by surprise on Geolu Prime by two platoons of now Canlastrian Havelock Battlesuits. Can they escape the trap? Download from our online storage by CLICKING HERE. Visit the website for an entire page full of folder download links of Ion Age resources HERE

Run while the Pub is Closed:  A free solo play three page Flintloque scenario set in the Bier War.  Can your skirmishers reach a safe place before a larger force of infantry and cavalry overwhelm them?  CLICK HERE to download the PDF from our website storage.  Enjoy!


Furioso - Additional Game Rules
Hosted on our website you can download by CLICKING HERE a one page PDF which has game rules for adding the legendary man of science as well as the light gun known as a Handbushen to your games. Written by Steve Danes.


On our BLOG five videos by Wargame Studio FR reviewing and painting our VNT46 Skeleton Adventurers 28mm pack. Click through and enjoy!


Flags of the Armorican Elves (2021): This one page PDF is in a zip file alongside the same page as a hi-rez image. Each flag is sized for a typical banner on Armorican Elf figures such as 51029 and 51041. Feel free to take this file apart and use it as you will. Most of these flags are designed to be printed at most one inch square and typically less than that. Easy to see on the gaming table. Download by CLICKING HERE from our server.


Boom Boom Bonkins – Micro Scenario:  It was love or at least that is what Captain Gutrorc told Dotti and she believed him. The Dragoon rode off and took her purse and heart with him. Now, with the help of Messa Gruga, Pog Mahone and a stolen case of howitzer shells Dotti is going to deliver a blow which he will never forget..or survive.  A micro scenario for solo play.  Can you restore honour or will the Orc Dragoons dishonour the lady further.  Download the PDF from our website server by CLICKING HERE.


Players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo a treat for you! A free six page army booklet to download for the Dogman kingdom of Pudigrochumsberg. Background, profiles, regiments, statistics and more.  CLICK HERE


Caught Short (Escape from the Dark Czar): The ninth linked scenario for General Saindoux and his survivors of the Grande Armee du Norde is a tense action packed adventure.  The survivors continue their retreat and come across a large group of Finklestein Dwarves who are attempting to rescue camp followers led by Heinz der Mead from the attacking Undead.  Lending their strength will Saindoux prevail or get caught short like the Dwarves? This full size free scenario for Flintloque (two players or solo play) can be downloaded as a PDF from our website storage to your device directly by CLICKING HERE.


Uniformation: A free one page download containing game rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo and some background for 55026 Duc de Tubercule and also 5002I K.G.B Liche Stalinov by request. CLICK HERE to download from our website storage.


VLE14 General Koda and Aide:Two page free download insert for this pack which has game rules and background for these characters.  CLICK HERE to get it from our website server for your collection.


Uniformation – Major Giglamps
This free to download two page article tells you more about this character and also gives you game rules and statistics for Flintloque and for Slaughterloo so that you can put him on the table in your army. CLICK HERE to download. 


Stick it to the Dogs – Micro Scenario: Becoming lost in the spooky forest a section of Pudigrochumsberg Dogmen awaken to find that a Tree Demon, a monster of Wylde Magicke, has decided to destroy them for entering its domain. A two page PDF which you can download from our website storage by CLICKING HERE.


Uniformation – General Bardaghul
A one page article containing background as well as Flintloque and Slaughterloo game rules and uniform details for this character. Hosted on our server download this PDF by CLICKING HERE.
Uniformation – Mildew Hervorc
This free to download one page article tells you about this character and gives game rules and statistics for Flintloque and for Slaughterloo. CLICK HERE to download.
By Sword the Running Through is Done
A free one page Flintloque Micro Scenario for two players or solo play.  A single Elf swordsman trying to escape from eight Orcs.  Great on its own or as an insert into a larger skirmish.  Get it from our online storage by CLICKING HERE.
Uniformation 2nd Heavy Dragoons: A two page free article which gives game statistics and weapon profiles for Flintloque and Slaughterloo used to field the mounted and foot Orcs of the 2nd Dragoons. It also has a special character officer and uniform details plus large pictures. Hosted on our website you can download it by CLICKING HERE.
Fist Full of Coins - DarkeStorme An eight page three part linked scenario for two players written by Vic Dobson. Markus Dante's Mercenary Company is trying to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a rich merchant, whilst the bandits who kidnapped her are determined to prevent that.  Can you defeat the bandits?  Also includes suggested miniatures and ways to expand the scenarios.  Find out by CLICKING HERE to download the PDF from our website storage.

Deep Freeze Toad: An ad hoc group of Todoroni have banded together to escape the Witchlands and they took finding an abandoned keep as dusk fell to be a sign of good omens. Sadly it has turned into an ambush as a larger force of Undead Todoroni led by a Vampyre are about to attack them. Can they hold out or is it the end of the adventure? Find out in this full size three page scenario. Play solo or with two players. CLICK HERE to download from our website storage.


Uniformation - 777th Croaked Line: A two page article giving history, uniforms as well as game rules for Flintloque and for Slaughterloo. Update from the unpublished 2012 version this article sits alongside the scenario 'Deep Freeze Toad'. CLICK HERE to download from our website storage.


Bio-Constructs: A free article for USEME players. Bio-Constructs made by man or by aliens or any other means as foes in your games. CLICK HERE to download this one page fun.


Towering Mecha: A free article for USEME players. Put your mechs and mecha into the game with optional bolt on rules which sets them apart from other 'super heavy vehicles'. CLICK HERE to download.


Ride them Down!: A patrol of the 2nd Heavy Dragoons is out amid the dust of a hot Catalucian day looking for the enemy.  They expect a few straggling deserters or an enemy patrol ready to skirmish but instead they are found by hundreds of advancing Elf Dragoons!  Can the Orcs outride the foe or will they be caught and killed?  Find out in this special full sized three page 'Pursuit' scenario.  Play solo or two players.  Each turn more Elves arrive and those left behind as the table moves will be lost.  CLICK HERE to download.


A mighty USEME battle report with pictures written by Vic Dobson. Click through for a show down between Security Force Alpha with mecha and battlesuits against the Octopods with their jetbikes and tanks in full on our BLOG.

Dragons in Monster Hunter

A one page free article which fits into Sengoku Monster Hunter and Rampage.  CLICK HERE to download.  Dragons have a mist cloud and sometimes have gems in their hides as well as a deadly breath attack.  The article has an encounter token to cut out for your pile and a stats line for play.


Slaughterloo Free Game Aids

The 5030 Slaughterloo free files for play including General and C-In-C cards plus blank division roster, smoke counters, quick reference all in one zipped folder to download.  Click HERE for the file.


Article – Exploring Officers in Play
This free to download two page article tells you more about this character and also gives you game rules and statistics for Flintloque and for Slaughterloo for using Exploring Officers of any army so that you can put them on the table in your army.  CLICK HERE to download.

Uniformation – Major of the 45th
This free to download one page article tells you more about this character and also gives you game rules and statistics for Flintloque and for Slaughterloo so that you can put him on the table in your army.  CLICK HERE to download.

Uniformation – Black Blob Crowfoot 
This free to download one page article tells you more about this character and also gives you game rules and statistics for Flintloque and for Slaughterloo so that you can put him on the table in your army. CLICK HERE to download.

Mortars in Slaughterloo: This one page of optional advanced rules can be downloads as a PDF from our online storage by CLICKING HERE. Bolting onto the standard Slaughterloo rules they give more flavour to the masters of indirect bombardment. They also feature a siege mortar artillery piece which is new to the game. 


The Xin in Patrol Angis
We have an updated version of the free download article for making use of the Xin Trade Fleet in your games of Patrol Angis. Seven pages long and fits right into the main game book and Callsign Taranis as well. Get it from our online storage by CLICKING HERE.

Video play through of Furioso the Italian Wars kindly linked from the Yarkshire Gamers blog onto our own for your viewing. Renaissance wargaming with or without the fantastical inventions of Da Vinci. Playable in 15mm and 28mm scale with your armies. They go into some depth which is great. Original links to the articles are also included. Go HERE.


A Longer Rod than Yours

War rages in Catalucia and ahead of the manoeuvring armies are the screens of the light infantry.  A company of the 18th Al-Garvey Foot are getting ready to make camp after a hard march having found the abandoned possessions of a previous fleeing populace when they are set upon by the 1o Condottierie.  While the Goblins outnumber the elite Wild Elves they are out gunned by the huge Ogre Rifles the Elves carry....which have very long ram rods for reloading.  Can they hold the barricades for ten turns without losing too many troops?  Find out in this full three page Flintloque scenario for two players or one solo player.  CLICK HERE to download from our website storage.  There are links into this scenario to download other free files for Wild Elves and the Tuscani with rules for their use.


Al-Garvey 18th Regiment of Foot Uniformation
You can learn more about this force as well as rules for its use in Flintloque and Slaughterloo in a free two page article which you can click on to DOWNLOAD from our website. This is presented in the same format as the published game books such as 5025 War in Catalucia so that you can add it to your collection.


Shogi and Palaquin in Sengoku Monster Hunter
This one page free article which adds to the game gives you the rules in play to field two new encounters with special rules. It includes monster tokens to add to your collection. Download it from our website storage by CLICKING HERE


The Vampire and the Madame – Uniformation Article.
A one page insert for use in Flintloque and Slaughterloo which gives you rules and background for the Distrusted Son of Czarlingrad and Moskova's new Babe which fits right into 5027 Death in the Snow and 5030 Slaughterloo. Hosted on our website just click to DOWNLOAD this art





Free Simple 20mm Grids for Sengoku Rampage
In your games of Sengoku Monster Hunter Rampage you can choose to fight in the Underground with all the hazards that presents. You can use any squared grids or tiles in your collection but we are happy to present to you a free article containing simple grids of all the types of chambers and caverns you can expect in play. These simple 20mm grids work with the 15mm miniatures and can be reproduced as many times as you wish. Download this article from our website storage by CLICKING HERE.

Gashadokuro giant skeleton of the dead in Sengoku Monster Hunter
This one page free article which adds to Rampage gives you the rules in play to field the biggest monster thus far in the game. It includes monster tokens to add to your collection. Download it from our website storage by CLICKING HERE.


Drawn by John Bell we have the first maps of Amerka! Two different maps along with a couple of pages explaining place names and their real world equivalents. Download it from our website storage by CLICKING HERE


Known Space 2250 Setting for USE ME 15mm Science Fiction and USEME Starship Battles. Created by Vic Dobson as a background setting for a series of scenarios he's written for UM001 15mm Sci-Fi and UM006 Starship Battles, this futuristic setting covers a wide variety of race ideas for both humans and aliens all inspired by the Alternative Armies (and others) ranges of miniatures. Inside you will find such alien races as the tradition obsessed Vergan Empire, the warlike Octopod Combine, and the tragic ancient Zidhe. Alongside these (and other) alien races there are numerous human states, such as the Federal Systems Republic, the Core Systems Corporation, the Concorde of Charlemagne, and the Star Kingdom of Nova Albion. The setting includes the Setting Map, Setting Time line, the Setting itself plus Campaign Rules and a Special Actions Reference sheet used in the setting. Download from our online storage by CLICKING HERE


Army of The Von Rotte Legion
A five page booklet containing background for the most famous fighter on Valon and allies of the Emperor Mordred of the Ferach. Flintloque and Slaughterloo rules and game statistics as well as information on the Bier Wars plus pictures. A great short read which will slot right into your collection of published titles such as 5028 Bier and Bones and 5030 Slaughterloo.
CLICK HERE to get the PDF from our online storage.

Heinz der Mead the fallen Brewer.  A great miniature for any fantasy system but also for Flintloque and Slaughterloo with this updated article with game rules and more.  Download HERE.

Dropped from Orbit USEME Rules and Scenario
A two page free article hosted on our server which gives you bolt on mechanics for USEME (UM001 Science Fiction and UM004 Modern Warfare) to add Drop Pods and Drop Coffins into your games. Bringing them onto the table, the chance of missing the landing, optional rules and death drops. Then a one page scenario called 'Steel Grapes of Wrath' which sees Security Force Alpha dropping in on Joad Tommo and the Tenants Revenge cult. Express Elevators from Hell going down! Click HERE to download. 

Army of Pudigrochumsberg
A six page booklet containing background for the ruined kingdom and allies of the Emperor Mordred of the Ferach. Flintloque and Slaughterloo rules and game statistics as well as information on the Bier Wars plus many pictures and a link to another free download too on King Bonio. A great short read which will slot right into your collection of published titles such as 5028 Bier and Bones and 5030 Slaughterloo. CLICK HERE to get the PDF from our online storage.

5110 Regimenta del Sanna Annie: There are many facets to the Regimenta Del Sanna Annie from its background to its uniform and character profiles as well as rules for Flintloque and for Slaughterloo. All of these are in a three page insert supplied with the 5110 boxed set. You can get this insert for free as a download from our website as well just by CLICKING HERE to download it. Enjoy!

DarkeStorme Scenario. Written by Vic Dobson the scenario 'Fog of War' can be played in 28mm or 15mm scales and comes with blank play sheets too. Click HERE to download it.

Wargaming in the 16th Century? Then Furioso might be the rules system for you especially if you campaign in the fields and city states of Italy. It is our pleasure to present a free QRS download created by player Tony Cane for the game. Click HERE.

USEME Free Bundle III. It is our delight to present to you the next bundle of free scenarios for USEME written by Vic Dobson. You will need a copy of UM001 15mm Science Fiction and UM006 Starship Battles to make use of these thirteen stand alone adventures. Inside the folder you will find 'Konvoi' a small space scenario using an experimental cloaking device. 'Tanks for the Memories' an armoured action from the Neo Soviets. 'The Only Rules which Matters' is a space scenario in which pirates raid a convoy. 'All our Dreams Abandoned' sees the resurgence of the Cyborg Enslavers in a doomed base. 'Mastadon'..can you stop the mega tank? 'Soldiers of Darkness' a three way scenario finding a terrible evil waiting in the world forest. 'Reach for the Void' a space scenario featuring fighter squadrons meeting in the dark. 'Où est passée toute la gloire?' This scenario sees an invasion of Neo Albion space. 'Menage a Trois' is a three way space scenario in a funky fight over a resource rich planet. 'The Dig' is a three way adventure of ancient relics and corporations seeking to take them. 'Wespe' is a scenario in which the swarm is hungry! The 'Big Kahuna' is a larger space scenario where fleets fight it out over ownership of valuable gas. 'Hostile Takeover' sees two mercenary companies belonging to the corporations fight to the death for profit. Hosted on the Alternative Armies website you can download the bundle by clicking HERE.

Uniformation Tuscani Skirmishers - A one page addition to the full Tuscani article (scroll down for this one from 2018) covering 51535 and an optional rule for Ogre Musket use.  Download by CLICKING HERE.

Snowballe Volley – Flintloque Scenario
The eighth scenario for Escape the Dark Czar arc sees General Saindoux and his survivors team up again with Frantz Von Der Wagg and his Dogmen Line this time around Cryptmass. Attacked by Snowmen in the service of the Dark Czar their only hope lays with volley fire and that the lightening storm raging overhead will favour them and not the enemy. Will the survivors drive off the coal faced menace or fall to their vast numbers? In this large scenario you will have two players but it can also be played solo. It features play test rules for Flintloque which you can try out.
CLICK HERE to download the scenario.

Snowmen in your Games. A two page free article which has fiction as well as game statistics for a new Undead regiment in the Army of the Witchlands for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. The Snegski Kodundov literally the walking snows. There is also a scenario seed and information on placing these strange miniatures into your collection. Download from our website by CLICKING HERE.

Using the Noncorporialski in your Games. We present a free two page Uniformation article which gives background as well as game statistics for Flintloque and Slaughterloo for the Wraiths of the Witchlands. There are also statistics blocks and two new character profiles to put into play. CLICK HERE to download the article which fits in with 5026 Death in the Snow and 5030 Slaughterloo.  See the miniatures HERE.

55030 Ghostly Bride – Uniformation Article. A one page free file hosted by Alternative Armies which gives you some background as well as game statistics and special rules for this miniature in Flintloque and in Slaughterloo.  A great read which also has suggestions and a scenario seed too. CLICK HERE to download it from our website.  See the miniature HERE.

We have a folder of free files for Typhon which includes blank rosters, extra gods and powers, monsters and a full introduction to the game with many images and explaining the mechanics and how Heroes, Champions and Fighters act in play. Download it from our website by clicking HERE.

By Bloody Fist and Broken Tusk – Flintloque Scenario
A stand alone full scenario which features some famous characters. It makes use of several free files and also the 5025 War in Catalucia game book. This is a set piece scenario which can go very differently each time it is played. You will need the four page insert for 5109 Sharkes Chosen for the character profiles it contains. Also the Tuscani Wild Elf Uniformation insert for the game statistics it contains. These are linked in the scenario three page PDF. Will Sharke escape the ambush or fall to Wild Elf skill?

USEME Free Bundle II. A total of eleven new scenarios written by Vic Dobson for 15mm science fiction and for fleet scale Starship Battles with the USEME rule system. Rescue VIP's from a crashed shuttle in 'To Ride the Lightening', cultists try to summon the dark lord in 'My Name is Mort', a corporate vehicle carry supplies tries to escape any colonist miners in 'Three Wheels on my Wagon' and 'My Name is Ruin' where a small group of scientists and guards try to hold off wasteland mutants. For starship gaming there is 'Brothers in Arms' which sees Alien Greys entering Octopod space in a vicious encounter. Two small campaigns as well. The Federal Systems enter Neo-Sov space to destroy a moon base and more in the the three part 'Fire in the Ice' starship battle campaign. In the three parts of 'Inferno' the Neo-Soviet ground forces try to defeat the Xiberian Insurgency in close in battles. Click HERE.

Uniformation – Tuscani Wild Elves.  A three page article expanding from the books 5025 War in Catalucia and 5030 Slaughterloo this free resource gives you a history, character profile, game statistics and tables for Flintloque and Slaughterloo plus uniform and accounts of line and light infantry.  Click HERE to download. 

The seventh scenario in the 'Escape the Dark Czar' arc for Flintloque is here. Copse of Corpses sees the survivors trying to cross a dangerous awakening field.  Solo play fun!  Click HERE

A one page article for players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo giving more information on the new Ratmen skirmishers of the Army of Albion. Click HERE

Flintloque fans! The sixth scenario in the Escape the Dark Czar arc is now online for free download. Click HERE to download and see if you can capture the fleeing Elves and Goblins as you take the part of a Savant Zombie officer on horseback in 'Rotten Spotters' a solo or two player adventure.

Sengoku Monster Hunter free files! The solo or several player game of seeking out creatures in fantastical Japan. Get free files to support it on this LINK from our website.

The Big Mouth Beast in your games of Flintloque! Click HERE to download the one page free game statistics for VNT38.

USEME Two more scenarios!  Puff the Magic Dragon and The Boojum and The Snark both by Vic Dobson.  Click on them to download from us. 

Two new 28mm characters for Flintloque now released. A Hob Goblin Miser and an Othari Aristo which will fit in excellently into many scenarios. Each of these also has a free one page article giving new rules for play in our Valon game systems.

A four page free download for Flintloque players. The working draft of game statistics, tables, special rules, weapons and more for the Othari of the Otharmann Empyre. Click HERE to download the PDF. Field Camels, Gnolls, Flying Carpets as well as armoured troops armed with twin swords or matchloque jezails. You will need a game book to bolt these new pages upon such as 5024 Escape the Dark Czar or 5025 War in Catalucia.

56116 Tap Room Ogre.  A civilian character who aids your troops in skirmish and battle.  A free one page article from dispatches.  Download it HERE.

56114 Hunvarian Guard Ogre Cavalry. The Hunvarian Guard on Rhinos which can be used for Guard or Hussars, Hunvaria or Krautian Giant Legion in Flintloque or Slaughterloo.  Free Uniformation Article download it HERE.


A free download a thirty four page book written by Vic Dobson called Outworld 2114AD War in the Darkness a campaign setting for USEME. In space with USEME Starship Battles and on the ground with USEME 15mm Science Fiction rules it is a complete title with added special rules and more. Following up on this summer's 16 scenario bundle there is an immense amount of free value here for wargamers. HERE.

Download a free Uniformation article for this character HERE

Use your Dark Czar miniatures or any other Flintloque figures with the new VNT Sandworms with this free article containing a scenario and special rules including solo play ambush.  Download from us HERE.



The Alternative Armies Free Files Stacks! From 2007 until the end of 2016 we created over 100mb of free content for our game systems which are now condensed into several 'stacks' of PDFs. So much archive value and well worth a read.  Stack One (DarkeStorme, Release Articles, Slaughterloo 18mb).  Stack Two (Slaughterloo, D&A, JOV, LE's Flintloque, Flags and Big Single Articles 17mb).  Stack Three (Flintloque 'Lite' free files, 5106 Ram Raiders, 5107 Londinium Coach, 2nd edition Flintloque Scenarios 17mb).  Stack Four (5109 Sharkes Chosen booklet, LEU and other articles, Slaughterloo scenario 20mb).  Stack Five (Trolls of Valon booklet, 2016 Uniformation articles).  More than 300 articles!

Escape the Dark Czar - Beginning in Flintloque.  Latest Scenario and Article Bundle.

Flintloque and Slaughterloo Latest Free Files. Uniformation Articles, Scenarios and More all from from after the 'stacks'. Bundle (18mb).

Shilling Starter Pack Sets.  Free Inserts for these boxed sets HERE.

Barking Irons Magazine No 1.  In two parts a full magazine from Alternative Armies.  Part One and Part Two.  Flintloque and much more inside!

Furioso 15mm Renaissance.  Starter Scenario and QRS Sheet.

USEME Free Materials and Scenarios.  Over 30mb of fun!  Bundle One and Bundle Two.


HOF Fire Team.  Free materials for this grid based 15mm scale game HERE.