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Welcome to The Ion Age 28mm Range.

The Prydian Army. Composed of many millions of Human soldiers from the lowly Planetary Militia to the massed ranks of the steadfast Muster and the regiments of the proud Retained Knights. There are other troop types too such as the super heavy Desteria Knights, the illustrious Starvaulters and more. The uniform of the Prydian Army is the famous red and white but these codes can be given any colours you desire for other Baronial Forces, Private Armies, Mercenaries and more. The Prydian Civil War still rages on!

The Khanate Empire. Emerging from a Matter Gateway to once more threaten Humanity in the Prydian Precinct the military might of the vast Shia Khan Empire is endless. The Legions form the bulk of the troops and are backed up by menacing Nox in their powered armour and hulking Warlords while goblinoid Maligs scuttle expendable into the fray. The uniform of the Khanate varies by Legion but popular colours are primary ones such as red and green while the Nox favour black or red for their armour. Will the Shia Khan have their way of dominance over mankind or will Prydia prevail?

You can visit the dedicated Ion Age BLOG which has years worth of announcements and images and more to read through. NOTE: Comments are turned off on the blog and the links will not work.  Every code shown on the blog is on this website, use Search to find it by code, all of the free downloads detailed on the blog are now on this site too; all those mentioned.

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