51050 Dark Elf Inquisitor - Now in resin!

Alternative Armies

SKU: 51050

The Catatonic Church rules Catalucia with a firmer grip than the arguing Junta's and the army or even the nobles. Their faith is instilled in the priests and inquisitors who carry out duties all over the land. Dressed in simple robes and a wide brimmed hat this Dark Elf is excellent to add to your collection or your games. Sculpted by Dave Toone.

One 28mm scale single piece resin miniature (27mm tall). 

Faith in Flintloque
You can find full rules for the use of semi magicke characters of the cloth in 5027 Grapeshotte 3rd edition book (page 90). Use these when playing Flintloque and add these characters to your scenario. Grapeshotte is a fantastic resources and indeed read as it gives you the armoury and artillery for every nation on Valon and exotic equipment and rules such as faith, vehicles, exploring officers and more. Get this ninety six page book with added templates in print or as a digital download. Grapeshotte is not a game book rather it bolts right onto War in Catalucia, Death in the Snow or Bier & Bones.

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