TOR14 The Whipping Post Set

Alternative Armies

SKU: tor14_pack

Never before seen online and not seen by almost everyone a classic 1980's code re-mastered and now restored to the Torture Chamber Range.  Your chance to get something which you could not get before!  The final code in this classic range.

This pack contains all the 28mm metal pieces needed to assemble the The Whipping Post. These are a stone column with lion head, a base for the column, hook for the victim, two different male victims to place upon the column, a man with a whip and lastly a kneeling bound female victim.  When assembled it is 50mm tall. Supplied unpainted and unassembled with no bases.  

Click on images to see views of the model it is a rather special piece. Great for fantasy or historical settings in wargaming or diorama.

You can select the whole set or the column parts, the two victims, the whip man or the kneeling woman using the menu on this page.