ALT007 Alternia Black Powder

Alternative Armies

SKU: alt007

“March to the Sound of the Guns!”

Alternia is Alternative Armies mascot and this is her eighth incarnation. 

While there are no Humans present on the World of Valon during the time of Fintloque the Skirmish and other games in the setting we wanted to create an Alternia of Valon all the same. So here she is in the uniform of an Orc of Albion and holding a Ferach Empire Musket as well as a halberd headed with the AA symbol.  Great for any horse and musket setting or just for your collection.

This miniature was given away in every shipped order in July 2022 across the world.  During that month all you needed to do was order and she was included free.

This miniature is not supplied with a base (shown on a 30mm round base) and is supplied unpainted.  Other miniatures shown for scale only and not supplied.