Battlefield Bits Accessories and Dice - Items tagged as "Pin badge"

Bits and Sprues - Make your Miniatures Unique! This range gives every wargamer the chance to make their miniatures unique. By adding personal touches to every character in your forces you can add humour, relevance and interest on the gaming table. Each sprue comes with several ‘bits’ which can easily be snipped off and then added to a miniature. All the ‘bits’ are in 28mm scale and in white metal. Its never been easier to make a standard production miniature more distinctive. Choose the sprues you want and get started!

Generic Battlefield items and accessories taken from our codes mainly in the Flintloque range that allow you to personalise your wargames table for scenarios.

Show your loyalty to the Generals of Valon with our classic 1990's Pin Badges.

Roll on to Victory with the Dice you can find here.  We have a small selection of dice to offer that go with our game systems.