51501L Elf Horses for Riding and Limber 28mm scale

Alternative Armies

SKU: 51501L_1

This pack contains your choice of one 28mm scale metal Horse taken from codes such as L'Esprit du Garde, Elf Command and Lancers Rouge, Elf Cuirassiers plus Elf Artillery Crew.  They will fit riders including our Elves or typical Human sized.  They come as a metal one piece and are 33mm from hoof to ear (51501 running).

Select your option from:

1. 51501 Garde Horse.

2. 51501 Rearing Horse.

3. 51502 / 51507 Lancer Horse.

4. 51506 Cuirassier Horse.

5. 51514 Limber Horse (2 variants).

Note these are two different limber horses and you will get a random one but if you order two you will get both poses and so forth in multiples.

These miniatures are supplied unpainted.