56115 KGL Captain Schlager

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This pack contains one 28mm scale multiple part resin miniature depicting an officer in the ranks of the Krautian Giant Legion (KGL). Captain Schlager comes as a body, a head, a left arm and a right arm which is approx 40mm tall when assembled. He is in the uniform of the KGL and wears a great coat; armed with a stone club and a Kannonderbuss. There is a degree of pose in the neck and arms. This miniature can be used as part of the KGL or as a Deserter in Obidiahs Army or as a freebooter in Catalucia or Central Urop. Ogrus Schlager is a bully and a thief who has risen through to the level of Captain by thuggery and guile plus a couple of 'accidents' in the field happening to those who got in his way.

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