EH05 Giant Arachnids (Set of Three) - 70mm wide

Alternative Armies

SKU: eh05_threeset

"Summoned by dark magic or stringing their webs in deep forests there are few mortal creatures which do not fear the eight legged monsters of the spider world."


This pack contains three different giant spiders each composed of a single piece resin body and eight metal legs for a degree of pose choice when attached. Each of the three bodies are different and you can use these in any scale from 6mm to 15mm and 28mm. When assembled each Spider is just under 70mm wide and 50mm long.

If you wish you can also select a single spider kit from this code (if you order more than one we will vary what you get). See the option on the page. Rather scary when painted up! Great for many wargame settings and systems.

Sculpted by Keiran Billings.

Note other miniatures shown for scale and not supplied.  Supplied Unpainted and Unassembled.