56800 Krautian Giant Legion DAP - Save 15%

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A Grand Alliance Ogre Division that will dish out a beating to the Ferach Empire. Players of Slaughterloo or those wishing to make a saving to get a big collection in one go will find excellence here. 

Save Approx 15% off list prices on this Division! An Entire Slaughterloo Division in a box:

Line Infantry:
1 Unit of 20 KGL Ogre Line Infantry including, Officer, Sergeant, Drum, Standard Bearer, Troopers (56120-U)

Light Infantry:
1 Unit of 10 KGL Light Company includes Officer, Sergeant, Musician, Troopers (56107-U)

1 Unit of 10 Mounted Ogre KGL Light Dragoons includes Officer, Troopers on Resin Rhinos (56080-U)

1 Unit of 5 KGL Ogre Gun Crew & 2 Limber Resin Rhinos (56522)
1 Siege Artillery Cannon (Alliance) (59504)

1 KGL Ogre mounted General on Resin Rhino (56109)
1 Provost Staff Officer (56009)
4 Ogre Casualties (56021)

16 Cavalry Bases and 31 30mm Square Bases


These miniatures are supplied with our great Cartouche Resin Bases at the correct amount and sizes for the miniatures (25mm square for almost all on foot, 25mm by 50mm rectangle for most cavalry and 30mm square for very large creature such as Ogres and Trolka according to Flintloque and Slaughterloo rule systems. See the picture here) and are supplied unpainted.