IAF072 Steornede Battlesuits - Two different variant choices

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Steornede Battlesuit - 2 Different Variants

The defence forces of the Prydian Precinct have their own battlesuit to put them on an equal footing with those who would invade or insurrection their homes. The Steornede is that battlesuit in two variants. This code comprises a highly detailed 15mm scale miniature which is approx 30mm tall supplied as a one piece resin body and two separate metal arms mounting Anda 60mm missile pods (IAF072A) or Moth 88 Cannons (IAF072B). Suitable for use in many different settings it is excellent back up for your infantry.

Click on the drop down options menu and select your choice of a single or buy three and save.  Note that images showing items other than IAF072 are NOT included and are shown for illustration and scale reference only.

Consult the images in this order.  Scale Shot with PM Trooper, IAF072A front and back, IAF072B front and back, scale shot with Colabreta Carrier.

Supplied Unpainted and without a Base.