• HOTT1003 Orc Warhorde
  • HOTT1003 Orc Warhorde
  • HOTT1003 Orc Warhorde

HOTT1003 Orc Warhorde


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This HOTT Army Pack contains an entire Orc Army.  Miniatures taken from the HOT Range and are 15mm scale and white metal.

This code contains the following miniatures:

1 Orc Chariot (Hot 25)

6 Bats (Hot 22)

1 Bolt Thrower and Crew (Hot 16)

3 Wolves (Hot 5)

6 Orc Archers (Hot 38)

25 Orc Warriors (Hot 4A)

2 Trolls (Hot 3A)

This Army Pack contains all needed element bases.

Orc General (Orc King in Chariot) @ 4AP (1) Orc King in Chariot (C1)
Flyers (Bat Swarm) @ 2AP (2) 6 Bats, flying stands (C2)
Artillery (Bolt Thrower) @ 3AP (1) Bolt thrower and 2 Crew (B1)
Beasts (Wolves) @ 2AP (1) Wolves (B1)
Shooters (Orc Archers) @ 2AP (2) 6 Orcs with Bows (D2)
Hordes (Orc Warriors) @ 1AP (5) 25 Orcs, mixed weapons (C5)
Behemoth (Troop of Trolls) @ 4AP (1) 2 Trolls with war hammers (B1)

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and with element bases.  Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.

You can also purchase this army pro-painted and based and it will be delivered to you ready to use, finished, out of the box.  Excellent choice, excellent value!

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