Alternative Armies Gift Cards - Four Choices

Alternative Armies

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If you want to get a truly special present for your significant other or your friend then look no further than an Alternative Armies gift card!

Gift Cards can be used on any of the thousands of miniatures or other tabletop gaming books and items on our website.  Give them the gift of choice!

Select from the white box on this page one of four values if Gift Card.  Choose from 25GBP, 50GBP, 75GBP and 100GBP values.  Upon purchase the card will be delivered to your email address with instructions to redeem.  You can use use it or pass it to the person you wish to gift it to.

Once purchased a gift card is valid for one year after that date.  It can be redeemed in one or more orders until its total is used up with partial payment beyond that which the sum remaining on the card covers.  Gift Cards apply to the TOTAL of an order once all items are in cart and any discounts are applied and shipping choice has been made meaning that as long as the card covers the final total the person using the card makes no payment. 

Gift Cards have no additional processing fees. 

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