HOTT1021 Noble Japanese Mythic Army

Alternative Armies

SKU: hott1021

This HOTT Army Pack contains an entire Fantasy army.  Miniatures taken from the Sengoku Fantasy Range and are 15mm scale and white metal.

This code contains the following miniatures:

SGF19,20 Miko Maidens (3)
SGF01,03 Tengu (2)
SGF21,22 Monks (3)
SGF16,17,18 Schoolgirls (15 Mixed)
SGF25 Tuchinoko Snakes (3)
SGF26 Chochinobake (2)
SGF24 Kasa Obake (1)
SGF34, 35 Human Bodies with SGF36,37,38,39 Upper Bodies (12 Mixed)

This Army Pack contains all needed element bases.

Magician @ 4AP 1 (3 Miko Maidens) (B1)
Behemoth @ 4AP 1 (2 Tengu) (B1)
Paladin @ 4AP 1 (3 Buddhist Monks) (C1)
Lurkers @ 1AP 1 (3 Kasa-Obake and Chochinobake Ghosts) (C1)
Horde @ 1AP 3 (5 School Girls) (C3)
Beasts @ 2AP 1 (3 Tuchinoko Snakes) (B1)
Blades @ 2AP 3 (4 Sengoku Human Warriors) (E3)

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and with element bases.  Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.