MR125 Landsknecht 16th Century Infantry Command

Alternative Armies

SKU: mr125

15mm Scale Miniatures

Four different Metal Miniatures from the Altuos range.  These Landsknect Command poses go with our range of Landsknects.  Drummer, Officer, Fifer and Standard Bearer.

Individual codes are: MR125,MR126,MR127 and MR128 if you wish to ask about multiple singles.  If you wish certain poses this is fine just state in order notes or by email with order number.  So if you want four dummers just ask for 'MR125 please give me 4x Drummer' and it shall be so!

This code is supplied unassembled and unpainted.  Images show front and rear as well as scale alongside other Landsknechts on foot and mounted; not supplied.