AS013 RUFUS Android

Alternative Armies

SKU: as013

R.U.F.U.S stands for Robotic Unit Fighting or Utility Servant and this type of Android is deployed across the Star Empire to bolster troops.  It is also used by merc crews and brigantines as added muscle.  Over time their neural nets develop personalities.

Use this larger model (40mm tall) in any game system of your choosing beyond our little snippet of possible setting.  Useful in 28mm, 15mm and 6mm settings as a war droid or personality.

Composed of a resin upper body, resin legs plus arm with fist and arm with double chain cannon in metal.

This miniature is not supplied with base and is supplied unpainted.  Assembly is required with some miniatures. Painted images shown on a 30mm round base (code 59525).  Other miniatures shown for scale only and not included.