HOTR02 Orc Archers (Resin Sprue) Pack, Sprue or Bundle

Alternative Armies

SKU: hotr02

15mm Scale Resin Miniatures on a Sprue

This code consists of a one piece sprue in resin with four different 15mm scale Orcs armed with bows upon it.  Great for building a horde.

Choose from the 'pack' which is four of the same sprue (16 miniatures) or a 'sampler' which is one sprue (4 miniatures) or the 'bundle' which is sixteen of the same sprue (64 miniatures) with a bigger saving.

Each sprue is one piece which will require the removal of the figures from it. This is done with ease with a sharp blade. See the sprue in the second image.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.