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28mm Skirmish Game Book. Flintloque 3rd Edition - Death in the Snow


The second book in the new series for the worlds foremost Black Powder Fantasy game. Contains full rules for Character driven Section level skirmish gaming along with full background for the Witchlands Theatre of the Mordredian Wars. Introducing the Undead and all rules for them and the forces of the Dark Czar. Plus detailed Army information for the Grande Armee du Norde (Ferach Elves, Confederation of Finklestein, Werewolves of Diberia, Centaurs of Coltz), the Army of the Witchlands (the Undead, Vampyres, Ghouls, Wraiths and more). Character creation and Section rules, magicke, skills, traits, flaws both generic and racial specific for MORTAL and UNDEAD. Also Solo play rules and much more.

96 Page Book with Separate Covers and also the insert for SSP02.

Here are the contents of the Death in the Snow book section by section. 

Introductory Section. Title Page, Contents and Credits Page, What is Flintloque the Skirmish, Introduction to the World of Valon, The Napoleonique Style of War.

The War in the Witchlands. This section of the book contains background from the formation of the Grande Armee du Norde to the alliance with the Dutchy of Coltz and the advance into the Witchlands.  It also covers the tretchery and battle for Moksova and then the nightmarish retreat from Moskova right up to the last stand at the bridges back into Diberia.  Additionally the background section of the book also contains Scenario Seeds like those in 5025 which give you great ideas and set ups for forces for your games of Flintloque set in the Witchlands.

The Armies of the Witchlands War. This section of the book contains the organisation, troops types, uniforms and famous characters from the primary armies involved in the Witchlands War.  These are the Grande Armee du Norde, a massive allied force composed of Elves, Dwarves, Ogres, Dogmen and more, along with the Dutchy of Coltz (Centaurs and Werewolves) and the peoples of Skandavia (Trolka and Trollkin).  On the other side is the army of the Dark Czar including the UNDEAD (Zombies, Skeletons, Liches and Savants) along with Gargoyles, Wraiths, Golems and rebel Werewolves.  Plus the Vampyres of the Witchlands.   All you need to organise and field your forces.

Character and Section Creation. Here you will find out how to create both mortal and undead sections including officers, muscians and more.  How to deal with your troops between games and replacing the dead.  Also Skills, Traits and Flaws unique to each race in the Armies section are listed here.  Finally Wylde Magicke for mortal characters.

The Rules of Death in the Snow. Introduction, Designers Notes, Terms and Definitions.  The full rules for Flintloque the Skirmish along with new and exclusive content on how to control the UNDEAD and their troops in play.  Also Vampyre Magicke and new rules for the Graviski Re-Animator device and the Elf Field Hospital.  National Characteristics for Witchlands races.

The Tables for Flintloque. This section contains all the needed tables and statistics for Death in the Snow.  Master Racial stats tables, Weapon tables, Mounts and Melee tables and more.

Solo Play rules for Flintloque. Flintloque 3rd editions unique easy to use Solo Play mechanics with added dimensions for the UNDEAD.

Pull Out Sheets. These pages are perforated for easy removal by players and contain useful tables, rosters and counters.

Ninty Six packed pages of adventure and fun for all miniature wargamers!