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A paid for digital download of 15mm Scale Wargame Book


 Have you ever wanted to field large fantasy armies with many blocks of infantry and cavalry with lots of monsters, artillery, heroes and magicians that looks great on the gaming table? Have you been put off by ever more complex rules and the need to spend many hours playing to get to the glory and thrill of victory?

Then The Age of Might and Steel is the rules set for you!

Play a full game inside an hour with 100-200 15mm Miniatures on the table. All the action played out using 1 six sided dice (1D6). Armies built from Units made up of Stands of several miniatures. Add Generals, Monsters, Magic Users, Heroes and more to your Units. BIG Fantasy Armies easily controlled !

The look of a complex battle without the headaches. Create original scenarios or use the included Points System and Army Lists. Combine Armies into Nations for even bigger games! For busy gamers who enjoy a rewardingly simple game that encourages tactics.

This book contains all the rules you need to play, sheets of counters, army lists and also the "Elden of Groy" four scenario linked campaign to get you started.

Digital Book 50 pages with separate covers.

Orcs in the Webbe a great resource website for wargamers has kindly uploaded all of the free articles for AoMaS including Errata and using the Undead, adding Heroes and much more.  Go HERE to read the articles. 

Here is a detailed list of the contents of the book by page numbers.

Titles 1
Table of Contents 2
Age of Might and Steel 3
Introduction 4
Requirements to Play 4

Troop Types, Basing, Facing 5-6
Setting Up to play AoMaS 6

The Turn Sequence 7
Assign Leaders and Special Units 7
Issue Orders 7
Combining Units, Mages 8
Activation 9
Command Bonus 9
Movement 10
Formations 11
Changing Formation & Direction 11
On and Off Road Movement 11
Combat 12
Ranged Combat 12
Hand to Hand 13
Damage 13
Special Stands in Combat 14
Flanking 14
Defensive Works & In Defence 14
Into the Breach 15
Special Stand Descriptions 16
Magic Users & Spells 16
Special Stands Monsters and More 17
Heroic Bands & Dragons 18
Victory Conditions 19
AoMaS Army Roster 20

The Fantasy Races in AoMaS 21
Unique Rules for Races 22-23
Army Lists & Points in AoMaS 24
Table of Types & Points 25
The Elves 26
The Dwarves 27
The Men 28
The Centaurs 29
The Orcs 30
The Goblins 31
The Undead 32-33
The Dracci 34
The Dogmen 35
The Lizardmen 36
The Felines 37
The Monsters of AoMaS 38-39
Talismans 39

The Elden of Groy Mini Campaign 40-44
(4 Full scenarios & Maps)

Designers Notes 45
The Unit Formation Diagrams 46
Order Tokens 47
Spell Tokens 48


The AoMaS rules can be used with any suitable range of 15mm scale fantasy miniatures however we recommend that you look at our own ranges. These include the HOT 15mm Fantasy range of high quality miniatures and the classic Tabletop Fantasy range which features humans, dwarves, monsters and more.