Division Army Packs for Slaughterloo

In this section you will find all of the specially constructed Slaughterloo Divisional Army Packs, known as DAP's. Each of these packs offers you an entire Slaughterloo Division for immediate play either painted and based or unpainted and each is supplied in its own card box.  This is the finest and best way into Slaughterloo and also for serious players of Flintloque too we heartily recommend it to you.

Each pack gives you roughly a saving of between 10% and 20% (18% average)  on purchasing each of its components individually. Click on each DAP here to see an exact run down of the saving you will make.  Additionally the proportional savings are the same when purchasing the DAP Painted and Based! 

Plus when you purchase a DAP you automatically get FREE SHIPPING worldwide.

We have sold out of the current print run of 5030 Slaughterloo. More books have been ordered from the printer. We expect them soon. Please email us on sales@alternative-armies.com if you wish to be informed of re-stock. Thanks. 2nd February 2018.