En Garde - Stand Alone Duelling Rules

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A stand alone tabletop game of Elvish Duelling set upon the very cusp of a civil war. A war which will tear the Crystal Empire apart and see Crown Prince Mordred replace his mother the Empress Morgana upon the Peacock Throne. A war which, when it comes, will see Wylde Magicke usurped from its paramount place in Urop and the power of Black Powder take the Elves and then all of Valon by storm.

Tensions run high between the Imperial Elves and the new Garde followers of Mordred. The old ways are crumbling and power is up for grabs.

Duelling is a matter of personal honour and the ultimate test of skill. Will you prevail? Now take up your sword and assume a guarding stance!

Author:  Steve Danes and Gavin Syme

A4 Format, Staple Bound (52 pages)

Colour Covers and Centre Pages, ISBN and Barcode

Here are the contents of the book and for images of some of the pages of the book click through them at your leisure.

En Garde!

Contents, Credits and Introduction 

Game Requirements 
The En Garde Character Profile 
Combat Skills
The Sword Schools
Melee Weapons
Missile Weapons
Honour in En Garde
Reputation and Character Development
Sample En Garde Characters 
The Sword Duel 
The Pistol Duel 

Centre Colour Pages 

Duelling upon Horseback 
The Melee in En Garde 
A Sample Sword Duel in En Garde 
A Sample Pistol Duel in En Garde 

At the Dusk of Magicke and the Eve of War 

The Types of Arena in En Garde 

En Garde Character Sheet
Blank Duelling Arena
En Garde Play Sheet 
En Garde in Battle and Beyond

Free Downloads
If you would like the free downloads for En Garde then CLICK HERE to download them from our website.  They are copies of the Character Sheet, Blank Duelling Arena and Play Sheet from the book.