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Alternative Armies manufactures Ganesha Games 28mm scale white metal miniature lines under an official agreement. Miniatures made and shipped from Scotland. You can visit their website for resources and more HERE.  All miniatures are supplied unassembled, unpainted and without bases.  These miniatures use 'slot bases'. All miniatures are sold as singles and also in great value collectors packs with a saving. Scroll the pages and click on what you see that you like!

Axe and Brimstone Range
A new expansion for Song of Blades and Heroes sees Halflings fighting off Possessed Dwarves with their Dolman stone allies and Fighting Fungi too! Completely back-compatible with other Song Of Blades and Heroes books. Thirty new codes!

Hammer and Forge Range
Hammer and Forge is an exciting supplement to the popular Song of Blades and Heroes tabletop skirmish system which focuses on the Dwarf race and their allies and enemies. You can use any 28mm miniatures such as Alternative Armies own range of Dwarves and Undead but it was created with its own miniatures in a deliberate attempt to capture the heroic, high fantasy style of the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s.  These Ganesha miniatures let you unlock your imagination again and be free to explore a bigger richer fantasy world. A world that can be whatever you want....grim, dark, and perilous, or heroic, vast, and unhindered, where anything is possible. Completely back-compatible with other Song Of Blades and Heroes books. 

Fighting Fungi Range
Fightin' Fungi is Ganesha Games' first entry into producing a line of unique, high quality, metal miniatures for use with the Song of Blades and Heroes fantasy skirmish game. A unique race of mushroom men and their fungi inspired creatures and minions. Completely back-compatible with other Song Of Blades and Heroes books.

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HG004 Hob Goblin Warrior Set

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