Axe and Brimstone Campaign Sourcebook-supplement book

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Axe and Brimstone is a campaign supplement for Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes. In its 52 pages, you will find:

  • Background information and profiles for the Possessed, demon-worshipping dwarves who aim to unleash their dark masters upon Norindaal.
  • The valiant, peaceful halflings who oppose them.
  • A complete campaign in five scenarios.
  • Plenty of new Traits: demonic seals, hellfire chain weapons, hellfire muskets, hellfire grenades
  • New group action: Dark Ritual
  • New spells
  • Rules for halfling banquet magic and wise women’s remedies.
  • Profiles for all characters for Advanced Song of Blades

By Andrea Sfiligoi.  52 pages in full colour, with plenty of illustrations  – 15cm x 23cm

This is a supplement. A copy of Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes is required to play. This book was produced thanks to the pledges of hundreds of backers on Kickstarter.