VNT9 Trolls

Alternative Armies

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“Up in the hills and the mountains, in the caves where no one dares go live the Trolls. Eating sheep, eating men, eating rocks. Eating all they can find and when there is no more to find down they come into the valleys and to the villages. Do you know what it takes to kill a Troll? Neither do I. Certainly it is more than we could manage. Arrows by the dozen just stuck in its hide. Blades broken and jutted from its body. The bloody thing just stood there with three fingers up its left nostril and its mouth hanging open. We only got it to move when Erik went about its rear and broke the tip of his pike off in its bum hole. Then it moved all right! Like a bolt of lightening right across the paddock, straight through the stables and off up the slope. We cheered and headed for the ale house. But not Erik...the Troll was loose of bowel and he needed a wash with the pigs!”

This code contains two metal creatures approx 45mm in height in one piece each.  Poses in this code are as follows:

VNT9-01: Troll with rock in raised arm.
VNT9-02: Troll with Club.

You may purchase a pack of two Trolls or select a single Troll in any quantity using the menu on this page.

These miniatures are not supplied with a base and are is supplied unpainted.