EH01 Flower of Evil (Monster Plant suitable for all scales)

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A Monster Plant

“My right hand gripped the revolver so tightly that the steel pushed achingly into my flesh. Beyond the door was a thing of nightmare; of dreams, of madness. It sat upon the bowing wooden floor of the boarding house with its bulbous trunk throbbing and root like tendrils writhing across the bare planks. Taller than a man and topped with waving fronds which carried more the look of meat than of plant matter it had seen me kick open the peeling blue painted door. It had seen me with oil black eyes dotted around its upper body and now it undulated a nerve flaying call. Was it alone or were there more? The bile rose in my throat and I wanted to scream at the impossibility of it but I knew that if I began to scream I would never stop. I was a cop and there was a little girl missing somewhere in this misbegotten place. Taking aim I pulled the trigger again and again and it was that accursed flower of evils turn to scream.”

You can use it in 28mm in 15mm or 6mm as it sizes its threat to your other miniatures. Horror Games, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Plant Wars (they are Triffic!) and more. One piece resin miniature.

Here  you can see a scale shot of The Flower of Evil (34mm tall) with a 28mm FL Code Elf Assassin (30mm tall) 15mm Rim Merc Trooper (16mm tall); these are not included.

As for the name...well I was asked in the office. I am a big fan of the awesome guitar man Lesley West of 'Mountain' fame. The miniature is named after one of their albums! GBS