5024 Escape from the Dark Czar - Flintloque Beginners Set

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Get started in Flintloque with this set!

Get into Flintloque the skirmish the best alternate history fantasy black powder skirmish game there is with 5024 Escape the Dark Czar! A set with a core booklet along with ten miniatures, bases and dice. Your entry into the World of Valon and a massive range of miniatures and titles built up over more than fifteen years. From this starting point you can go in any direction from continuing the fight in the Witchlands to the dusty lands of Catalucia or the rolling fields of Urop marching with or against the eagle banners of the Emperor Mordred and his blue coated Elves.

See a comparison article on our BLOG with these miniatures next to the characters from 5002 Deadloque the classic 1990's set.

 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar

The bitter retreat from Moskova is where you begin your adventure. Take command of General de Brigade Hugo Saindoux and his three fellow survivors as they attempt to evade death and escape from the Witchlands. On their heels are a group of Savant Zombies, the finest Undead in the ranks of the Dark Czar, who are led by Captain Preserovitch. Their task is to capture the golden eagle standard carried by the young Elven drummer boy Ayers Quinte de Toux. Will the survivors outwit the living dead? In this set is a twenty page booklet containing the core rules of Flintloque the Skirmish which will get you playing as well as character profiles and three introductory scenarios as well as the story of the Witchlands campaign. Written by Gavin Syme (GBS).

Ten resin 28mm miniatures are in the set designed by Sam Croes. Four mortals (An Elf, young Elf, Dogman and Ogre) and six Savant Zombies. Ten bases for your miniatures and two percentile dice.

All you need to get playing and to begin your adventures in Flintloque.

You can purchase the set unpainted or painted and based ready for immediate play. Contact us for a quote.

Note the images on this page show:  The cover of the booklet, the whole contents of the unpainted version of the set, pages from the booklet, the rear cover with miniatures. 

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