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28mm Skirmish Game Book. Flintloque 3rd Edition - Beir and Bones


The forth book in the series for Flintloque 3rd edition sees the Ostarian Empire fighting for its life against the Ferach Armees of the Emperor Mordred. Before the invasion of the Witchlands and the canker of the Catalucian ulcer the Emperor Mordred forged the Confederation of Finklestein and subdued Burrovia before taking his columns against the Dogmen of Ostaria at the Battle of Osterblitz. Soon the Dwarves of Krautia joined the fray and the future of Valon was for the taking...The Bier & Bones book contains full Flintloque rules, the background to the Wars of Urop, the Armies of Ostaria, Krautia, Burrovia and other minor powers and allies plus characters and section generation. Skills, Traits and Flaws along with scenario creation and three starter scenarios. Solo play mechanics and pull out sheets (Section Roster, Game Counters, Quick Ref). Also Solo play rules and much more.

A4 Format, Perfect Bound (96 pages)

Colour Covers and Colour centrefold

Pull Out Pages - Section Roster, Counters, Reference Sheet. 

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Here are the contents of the Beir & Bones book section by section. 

Introductory Section . Title Page, Contents and Credits Page, What is Flintloque the Skirmish, Introduction to the World of Valon, The Napoleonique Style of War.

The War in the Central Urop. This section of the book contains background covering the initial Ferach Attacks upon the other nations of Urop, the formation of the Confederation of Finklestein, subduing the Burrovian Republique and the climatic Battle of Osterblitz. In addition to this are other minor campaigns such as the Tree Line Wars, Krautia and the Monich Bier Wars, Saxhunde and the Battle of Yenna and much more. All of the Central Uropean fighting right up to the current campaigns in Kartoffelburg giving you the chance to play out any one of them. Additionally the background section of the book also contains Scenario Seeds like those in 5025 and 5026 which give you great ideas and set ups for forces for your games of Flintloque set in Central Urop.

The Armies of the Uropean Wars. This section of the book contains the organisation, troops types, uniforms and famous characters from the primary armies involved in the Uropean Wars. These are the Dogmen of the Ostarian Empire, the Dwarves of Krautia, the Rabbitmen of Burrovia, the Ogres of Hunvaria and all of the regular and dutchy troops in the Confederation of Finklestein (including the Dutchy of Saxhunde, the Dwarves of Beervaria, the Von Rotte regiments etc). Minor powers covered include The Dogmen of Pudigrochumsberg, the Dwarves of Brewswick and of the Blacke Horde, the Wild Evles of Swizzic and Turcani plus the Ogres of the Krautian Giant Legion and more. All you need to organise your forces.

Character and Section Creation. Here you will find out how to create sections including officers, musicians and more. How to deal with your troops between games and replacing the dead. Also Skills, Traits and Flaws unique to each race in the Armies section are listed here. Finally Wylde Magicke for mortal characters.

The Rules of Bier & Bones. Introduction, Designers Note, Terms and Definitions. The full rules for Flintloque the Skirmish along with exclusive content on all of the racial types covered in the book such as Dogmen, Dwarves and Ogres. Skills Traits and Flaws along with National Characteristics make your characters from this book all the more unique. Also unique troops and sets for Ostarian, Krautian and Burrovian players.

The Tables for Flintloque .This section contains all the needed tables and statistics for Bier & Bones. Master Racial stats tables, Weapon tables, Mounts and Melee tables and more.

Solo Play rules for Flintloque. Flintloque 3rd editions unique easy to use Solo Play mechanics. Simple, effective and popular!

Pull Out Sheets. These pages are perforated for easy removal by players and contain useful tables, rosters and counters.

Ninety Six packed pages of adventure and fun for all miniature wargamers!