5104 105th Foot 'The Rifles' Full Set

Alternative Armies

SKU: 5104

The 105th Foot are a veteran regiment made up of experienced Orcs that use Rifles and give the Emperor Mordred a real headache. An excellent centre piece for your Orc forces.

18 Light Infantry Orcs - Full Set

Give Sharke and Harpy some backup!

This set contains an entire platoon of the legendary Orc 105th Rifles. Enough for two units of Slaughterloo Light Infantry or several Flintloque sections. Led the the infamous 'Grand Duck' Colonel Oswold Pebblekettle with his rolled umbrella and a Bugler along with half a dozen poses of Rifleorc.

For use with Slaughterloo and Flintloque. With Background and Painting Guide.

These miniatures are supplied with our resin cartouche bases and are supplied unpainted.  All these miniatures are from this code. Select your option on this page. Assembly is required with most miniatures.  You can select the full set or several single poses on this page.  If you select the random single Rifleorc we will supply a random trooper pose and give you different poses of trooper if you order more than one until all trooper poses are used up before repeating.

You can also purchase each of these options pro-painted and based ready for play Contact us for information.