51051 Tuscani 1o Condottierie Command

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SKU: 51051

Among the ‘Condottierie’ as the Tuscani hail themselves no clutch of battalions is more infamous that the butchers of the 1o Regiment. Having fought at the Battle of Maulandgo and also at Osterlich the Ostarian Dogs worst defeat, along with countless other actions, the Condottierie are seasoned warriors. They have not however faced the Undead...as yet.

This pack contains four metal 28mm scale Wild Elves allies of the Ferach Empire. A command set for the troopers of the Condottierie which are an officer with sword raised, standard bearer in greatcoat, musician with horn and sergeant with spear.  Ideal for skirmish gaming or for adding to in creating a full unit.  Wild Elves are larger than typical Elves and these miniatures stand 30mm tall.  

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