51052 Lucius Malsovin with Tuscani Casualty

Alternative Armies

SKU: 51052

In the courts of Lyonesse there is a figure who cuts a dashing strut along the bejewel Elvish ladies. It is Colonel Lucius Malsovin commanding officer of the 1o Condottierie. An expert duellist and womaniser he is thought to have killed a hundred foes a a dozen fellow officers. Fond of gold lace and powered wigs he leads from the front when taking on the Orcs in Catalucia.

This pack contains two metal 28mm scale Wild Elves allies of the Ferach Empire. A character officer Lucius Malsovin (A) and also a Tuscani Condottierie Casualty (B). You can choose a pack or poses from the pack if you wish to get several of either pose.  Make your selection on this page.

Click HERE to download a free three page Uniformation article on these miniatures which includes profiles for this officer for Flintloque and Slaughterloo.

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