5108A Nobby Styles and Hobby

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Nobby Styles was a founding member of Wheeling- Turn's Exploring Officer Unit. Roving scouts who gathered intelligence on enemy operations, the Exploring Officers travelled far and wide in search of Mordred's malevolent influence, stamping out his evil where ever they discovered it.

However, Nobby Styles was a little more paranoid  than most. While he seemed to be "just one of the lads" and Captained the Orcish football team, his beer drinking exterior concealed a dark, suspicious brain within. He looked for signs of the Elven enemy in the
least likely of places, believing that the Ferach would appear where you'd least expect them. With this in mind, he decided to explore a little further afield than most, and disappeared from his Catalucian station. No-one knew where he had gone, and he was not seen around the Officer's Mess for quite some time.   It was the start of his desertion...

Two 28mm scale miniatures.  Rider and Mount.  For your character driven deserter army.

This miniature is supplied with a base and supplied unpainted.  All these miniatures are from this code.  See 5108 Obidiahs Cavalry for the full set of seven with saving.