5108E Mama Ree and Lizzy

Alternative Armies

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A Goblin mystic in an Al-Garvey travelling circus who had a real skill in telling lies above all else Mama Ree would offer 'private gazes into her crystal ball' in her caravan.  This gained her notoriety and coin and was done at the expense of every man she ever met. This callous but comfortable arrangement continued for quite some time, until Mama Ree culled a client who was rather more important than most. Marshal Jacob Jerome of the Ferach Armee wassorely missed, especially by his personal guard who had courteously waited outside the Goblin's caravan while she perpetrated her foul prediction. Escaping , she hurried over to slim Lizzy, her Lizard friend, and jumping on her scaly back, made a clean get away.

Lacking a base for her operations, she was reduced  to practising her less than mystic art in alehouses across Catalucia. It was during one of her public readings that she encountered Dunderdorf, who had heard of her exploits against the hated Elves. Impressed with her vast knowledge, Dunderdorf concluded that having someone who could predict the future would be an asset. Combined with her somewhat off-hand regard for all life, Mama Ree made a predictably perfect addition to the anarchic Army.

Two 28mm scale miniatures.  Rider and Mount.  For your character driven deserter army.

This miniature is supplied with a base and supplied unpainted.  All these miniatures are from this code.  See 5108 Obidiahs Cavalry for the full set of seven with saving.