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One such tale of misfortune and murderous intent is that of former master bier brewer Heinz Dermead. Before the time of annulment Heinz was a young Dwarf with dreams of Troll hunting but those dreams came to nothing since Trolls vanished from the world to be replaced with Trolka and those big fellows were loyal to the same Emperor who commanded the troops of Heinz’s own city statte. Another profession was needed for the young Dwarf and since combat with giants was no longer on the menu he decided upon that most vital to all Dwarves. The art of brewing bier!

Travelling to Newenbeir for his training with the master brewers of the Turcher ale factories Heinz picked up the art of hops and wheat and of still and copper. In a few years he was ready to head out in service of all of Finklestein in the role of a newly distilled master brewer in charge of a mobile brewery. Every great city across central Urop has at least one place within it that assembles specialised wagons to accompany Dwarves into battle. Its true that some Ogres and Dogmen also make use of the mobile breweries but it is to a Dwarf that they will turn to get their ale.

With his assistants and his serving girls following in a separate wagon Heinz Dermead sat in the front of his mobile brewery and grinned for all passers by to see. He had his calling and he was going to assist the Dwarf kin in defeating those who would limit the lands of the bearded. But it was not to be....

Along rutted tracks and passing trudging blue coated Dwarves the wagons sought out the frontier with Krautia and beyond that the city of Magabeir where the 36eme Legion de Nain was laying siege to the city. It was to this Legion that Heinz had been assigned. They did not arrive though since at a crossroads they ran into Burt Dewizier a disgraced brewer secretly in the service of Krautia. In the uniform of a Legion de Nain colonel this traitor stopped Heinz and convinced him that he should turn the wagons over to him. Keen to be seen to be reliable Heinz agreed and watched his dream roll away towards Magabier. It was two days before he realised he had been cheated.


Festive Fun Loving Dwarf!

One Dwarf Miniature. This code contains one 28mm scale metal miniature depicting a Von Rotte or Finklestein allied character or simply any festive Dwarf. Armed with a Dwarf MkII Musket and a Stein. Approx 22mm tall.

The Dwarf who dreamed of being a brewer but was betrayed! Download a free PDF insert for him for use in Flintloque and Slaughterloo from our online storage.

Supplied with a base and unpainted.